45 Wedding Finger Foods: Budget-Friendly Appetizers for Your Big Day

Introduction Wedding finger foods have become a popular choice for modern couples, adding a touch of elegance and charm to the dining experience. These bite-sized delights not only satisfy your guests’ taste buds but also make for beautiful presentation. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about wedding finger foods, from […]

Calling All Autumn Brides!

You have chosen the venue, the dress and personal touches throughout the ceremony to showcase your personality on your wedding day. Have you also personalized your cocktails? If you have specific drinks that are meaningful to you as a couple, a little story along with the drink on the bar menu is an extra special […]

18 Must Have Pictures to Remember Your Wedding Day

Months of planning lead up to one special day, but your wedding day is over before you know it. Remembering every detail is impossible, which is what makes wedding pictures so important. These small glimpses of the day allow you to look back on the beauty of every moment. In the midst of wedding planning […]

Should You Have a Kids Table at Your Wedding?

Choosing to welcome children or a separate kids table at your wedding is a big decision. On one hand, wedding receptions are typically an event where couples pay per attendee. That being said, some will opt out of inviting children to attend the wedding in order to help lower expenses. Yet other couples choose not […]

7 Simple Tips to Prevent Wedding Cake Disasters

Your wedding cake should be one of the stars of your big day. After all, a lot of time and effort will go into finding the right bakery, choosing the perfect flavor combinations, and settling on a stylish design. But there’s many a slip that can befall a couple when choosing their wedding cake. Naturally, […]

Edible Wedding Favor Tips

Favors are a staple of every wedding, and couples spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect gift to give to all of their guests. But finding the perfect wedding favor can be difficult. Everyone’s tastes are different, and because the favors are typically personalized to memorialize the wedding couple, guests can sometimes […]

Groom Wedding Speech Tips

Speeches are a traditional part of every wedding, and are a perfect opportunity to make lasting memories. Many different members of the wedding party are expected to deliver a speech at the reception. Obviously, the father of the bride will have a few words to say, as will the best man, and at some weddings […]

Wedding Favor Ideas for Guests

A wedding is more than just the union of two people in love. It is a gathering of friends and family to recognize that union, and to celebrate the happy couple as they embark on their new life together. Because family and friends are such an integral part of the wedding ceremony, couples very often […]

Deciding on A Wedding DJ

At an enjoyable wedding reception, music is an important way of helping guests unwind after the formality of the ceremony. Whether you pump that music out onto the dance floor via a hired DJ or from a handpicked library on your iPod, though, depends on your own needs and taste. Hiring A Wedding Reception DJ […]

Having An Open Bar For Your Wedding

Although a wedding reception is an event designed to focus on the marriage of two people, it’s important to maintain a lively party atmosphere in which your guests can socialize and enjoy themselves on their own. Good food and good music are essential ingredients in an evening for all to treasure, but a little social […]