Edible Wedding Favor Tips

Wedding FavorsFavors are a staple of every wedding, and couples spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect gift to give to all of their guests. But finding the perfect wedding favor can be difficult. Everyone’s tastes are different, and because the favors are typically personalized to memorialize the wedding couple, guests can sometimes find them impractical for day to day use.

Those personalized wine glasses or tea candles look great at the reception, but your friends may not truly find a use for them after the big day. So what should a couple do?

You want to send your guests home with something special, both to memorialize the day and as a thank you to them for sharing in this life changing event, but you also want to be sure they enjoy that gift. Well, edible favors are the answer. Everyone loves food, and what could be better than sending your guests home with a unique and tasty treat?

Variety is the Spice of Life

The best thing about edible wedding favors, is the wide variety of tastes and styles available to you. You can tailor your favors to the season, or you can design them around your overall wedding theme. You can go with high end delicacies, or you can wow your guests with homemade comfort foods.

The choices are endless, and only restricted by your won ingenuity. Now that I’ve got you sold on the idea of edible wedding favors, lets look at a few examples that should help to fire up your imagination and get you thinking about what type of tasty treat you might want to feature at your wedding.

Summertime Weddings Means Summertime Treats

Summer time weddings have a long tradition, and it’s little wonder the phrase ‘June bride’ is so recognizable. A summer wedding suggests a wide variety of suitable edible favors. You might choose something rustic and seasonal, and send your guests home with a Make your Own Sun Tea kit. All that’s needed is a fashionable carafe, a selection of choice tea bags, and instructions (“fill with water, add tea bag, set in sun, and relax in the shade”). You can always personalize the carafe lid with your initials or wedding date.

For something fun and frivolous, you can bring back those childhood memories by giving your guests a sweetly packaged S’mores kit, including marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate and skewers. For something with a big wow effect, you can set up a miniature Farmer’s Market, featuring all the fruits of the season. Give your guests a personalized basket, and let them build their own selection of fresh fruits. Sure to be a hit during the hot summer months, particularly if you are staging an outdoor wedding.

Autumn Weddings Bring Fall Flavors

The summer wedding may hold the most popular appeal, but there is something really special about a fall wedding. The crispness of the air and the falling temperatures makes you think of happy families gathered around a glowing hearth. Many different autumn themed edible favors suggest themselves.

First and foremost the homemade hot cocoa kit. Simply take some Mason jars, fill them with your own hot cocoa creation, pop on the lids, and decorate with tags and ribbons. Your guests will think of you as fall turns to winter, and they spend the evenings curled up with a hot mug of cocoa.

If you want to get your guests really involved during the wedding reception, consider setting up a Caramel Apple buffet. Simply provide the apples, chafing dishes of warm caramel and hot fudge, a bevy of delicious toppings, and let your guests go to town.

Be sure to provide clear plastic wraps and ties so your guests can take their fresh caramel apples home with them. Following the apple theme, there is nothing better than spiced cider during the autumn. Buy cider from a local orchard, decant it into stylish jars or carafes, top with your wedding seal, and a couple home with each of your guests.

Any Season Is Ripe for a Tasty Treat

Regardless of whether you wedding is being held in the summer or fall, or any time in between for that matter, a tasty treat is always welcome and makes for a wonder wedding favor. Fresh gourmet cookies, iced and decorated with your initials in a candy heart, will appeal to everyone at any time.

Mini pies, either homemade or fresh from the best bakery in town, can be sent home with your guests in decorative tins. Vases filled with candies and themed lollipops will satisfy your guest’s sweet tooth, and still give them something practical that they can enjoy in the future.

As you can see, the possibilities for edible wedding favors are nearly endless. Let your own tastes be your guide, and think about what tasty treat would really wow you at a wedding.

Instead of opting for the old tried and true wedding favor (key chain, cork screw, napkin holder), think outside the box and add a little extra fun to your wedding day. Send your guests home with something unique, tasty, and unforgettable.

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