18 Must Have Pictures to Remember Your Wedding Day

Months of planning lead up to one special day, but your wedding day is over before you know it. Remembering every detail is impossible, which is what makes wedding pictures so important. These small glimpses of the day allow you to look back on the beauty of every moment.

In the midst of wedding planning it’s hard to imagine the wedding will ever come, but soon vows, flowers, cake, and dancing will fade into memory.

Plan to capture the special moments of your wedding by working with your wedding photographer to create a must-have shot list. Letting them take the lead is a good idea since they have experience, but you might also think about the things you want to remember about your wedding day. Consider adding these must-have wedding photos to your shot list.

Invitation Suite


An artful display of your invitations, complete with save-the-dates, response cards, and envelopes, is lovely. You spent a lot of time making the invitations the way you wanted them, and a picture is a great way to remember them. A picture of your invitation suite is also a great way to start a wedding album.

Ring Shot


Your beautiful rings deserve special attention, so give them a chance in the spotlight. Ring shots are a beautiful and artistic way to highlight this symbol of your love. That can include an artfully arranged shot of your rings before the ceremony, as well as a picture of the rings on your hands afterward.



The little things matter. Having close-up shots of some of the small details of your wedding gives you a fuller view as you look back on the day. Your shoes surrounded by flowers, the beading on your dress, or any number of little things make for wonderful pictures.

The Bouquet

Bouquet wedding

Your bouquet is gorgeous, so you’ll want a picture of it. A window with light coming through is a great setting for a bouquet shot.

The Dress

wedding dress

Your wedding dress is another big part of the day. A picture of it hanging up before you put it on is great, and even better if you can catch someone admiring it.

Hair Moment

hair wedding

The back of your head isn’t likely to end up in many of your wedding pictures, but your hair will look beautiful so give it a chance to shine.

All Dolled Up

all dolled up

You’ll look stunning on the wedding day, so don’t miss an opportunity for photos. Once you’re ready to go, you can snap a few shots before you leave the bridal dressing room.

Just Before the First Look

just before the first look

If you are arranging the first look before the wedding ceremony, be sure to capture the moments just before it happens. This special time is full of anticipation and suspense and is something you’ll want to remember.

The First Look

First look

Of course, you’ll also want pictures of the first look and some of the secluded moments that follow.

Ceremony Views

ceremony view

Before the guests arrive, it’s nice to get a few shots of the ceremony location and view. You’ve picked a beautiful spot and decorated it for the ceremony, so show it off.

Exchanging Vows

ceremony view

The vow exchange is a critical moment, so get a picture. Be sure to talk to your wedding photographer beforehand about your priorities for pictures during the wedding.

Getting the best shots usually means the photographer needs to be moving around near the front of the wedding. A more subtle approach usually means less perfect pictures, but that’s worth it for many couples.

The Kiss

wedding kiss

Finally, you’ve said “I do” and are officially married. The kiss is a beautiful moment at the end of the ceremony.

Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors

Get a shot of your wedding favors and reception décor; again, the details are important. Close-ups of escort cards and seating arrangements are also possible additions to the must-have list.


Wedding Decorations

The decorations set the feel for the reception, so make sure you’ll be able to look back on how beautiful they were. Pictures of centerpieces, table settings, and other decorations are a must.

The First Dance

1st wedding dance

As one of the most intimate moments of the reception, the first dance is an obvious must-have photo.

The Cake

wedding cake

Your cake is a centerpiece of the reception and deserves a place in the spotlight.

The Food

Wedding Food

You carefully picked out great food to serve at the reception, and you may not eat much of it. Make sure you can at least remember how good it looked.

Dancing Queen


As the party gets going, you’ll want to remember the fun moments with your new spouse and guests.

Flowers, dresses, smiles, and all the many details that make up your wedding day are special. Adding these pictures to your must-have shot list helps you create a fuller picture of your wedding day to look back on for years to come.

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