Wedding Favor Ideas for Guests

Wedding FavorsA wedding is more than just the union of two people in love. It is a gathering of friends and family to recognize that union, and to celebrate the happy couple as they embark on their new life together. Because family and friends are such an integral part of the wedding ceremony, couples very often like to present their guests with small gifts, or wedding favors. This is an opportunity for the bride and groom to show their appreciation for their friends and family members, and to leave them with a lasting token of remembrance of the wedding day. Wedding favors can be small and intimate, fun and frivolous, or rich and elegant. Whatever form they take, they are an expression of love and affection from the happy couple to the people that have been most important to them in their lives, both individually, and now as a happily married couple.

Deciding on Wedding Favors for Your Guests

The choice of wedding favors for your big day should reflect both of your personalities. There are many generic types of favors that always appear at weddings, such as personalized match books or key rings, but these do not reflect the true affection you have for your guests. When planning your wedding, give some thought to creating unique wedding favors that your guests will enjoy, and that they will want to take home with them. As with any aspect of wedding planning, budget is always a consideration. But don’t be dissuaded, there are many ways to create memorable wedding favors that will delight your guests, but won’t break the bank. Let’s look at some tips for choosing the perfect wedding favors for your wedding.

Match Your Wedding Theme

First, your choice of wedding favors should match the theme of the wedding itself, and that theme can often help to inform your choice of gifts. Something as simple as color schemes can be reflected in gifts of candies, tea vases, candles, or tableware. If you are planning an ethnic themed wedding, you might choose small gifts that represent the region of the world you are celebrating. For example, an Italian themed wedding might lead to individually packaged and personalized sachets sugar coated almonds.

Add A Seasonal Note

Often the season can suggest ideas for wedding favors. For instance, if you are planning a winter wedding cocoa mugs,personalized spoons, and a rich luxurious tasting hot cocoa mix can be given to all of your guests. For a summer wedding, or a beach themed wedding, beach towels, or summer themed tote bags make a wonderful wedding favor for your guests. Spring weddings offer a unique opportunity to send your guests home with seedlings or potted plants that can be transplanted to your guests home gardens to be enjoyed for years to come.

Make Your Wedding Favors Work For You

Often, wedding favors can be used at the reception to act as inventive place cards for your guests. Personalized champagne glasses, inscribed with the name of each guest, can be used as part of the table settings to help your guests find their places. Miniature wine bottles can be tagged for each guest, and used as a place card. Even something as simple as a bag of colorful candies can act as both place card and wedding favor.

Make Your Wedding Favors Work for Others

If you’re a couple who likes to make a statement, and who likes to give back to their community, donations to local or national charities can be made in the names of your guests. Each guest should receive a card explaining the donation, and describing the charity to which it has been given. This is a wonderful way to give your guests a unique memento of your wedding, while supporting some of your favorite charities.

Wedding favors provide the bride and groom with an opportunity to say thank you to the family and friends who have gathered to witness and celebrate their big day. Whether simple or elaborate, they should represent both of your personalities, while reflecting the style and theme of your wedding. With a little thought, you can create a memorable token of your wedding day to send home with all of your wedding guests.

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