Organizing A Public Speaking Engagement

Many social clubs and local organizations like to bring guest lecturers to their community. Whether it’s a popular author, a political figure or a public celebrity, guest lecturers are welcomed by clubs and organizations all across the country. But there is more to hosting a public speaking event than simply inviting a guest lecturer and […]

Hosting a Business Luncheon for Potential Investors

Hosting a business luncheon is the perfect way to meet with new investors, unveil new strategies and forge strong working relationships. It gives business owners an opportunity to raise the profile of their company, to form partnerships and to build working capital. At first glance, hosting a business luncheon may seem to be a simple […]

Tips for Making Your Next Business Meeting A Success

An off-site business meeting offers employees and office managers an opportunity to recharge their batteries, and build up enthusiasm for new projects that will take their business to greater heights of success. Off-site meetings help to focus creative energies, while giving employees and management a chance to discuss new ideas and formulate new marketing strategies. […]

Planning an Off Site Business Luncheon

Organizing a working business luncheon seems, at first blush, to be a fairly simple matter. But there’s more to consider than just what’s on the menu. Location is key, and often business owners make the mistake of holding their gathering at the office, ordering in food from a local restaurant. This may be suitable for […]

Organizing Your Office Holiday Party

Every year it seems to come around sooner. Before you know it, winter has closed in, and it’s time again for the annual office holiday party. It’s also time to decide where to hold your celebration, and what kind of party you will have. For smaller businesses and offices the choices can be simple. Employees […]

Planning That Key Presentation of Important Investors

The old adage that “you must spend money to make money” certainly applies to courting potential investors. Whether you are soliciting funds for a new public works project, or are looking for investors in a new company, the impression you make is as important as the presentation you deliver. Making a good impression begins by […]

Planning a Successful Trade Show

Trade shows are exceptional opportunities for businesses and manufacturers to introduce new products and services to their customer base. They also give business insiders the chance to compare industry developments and network with other professionals in their field. Trade shows can be large or small, regional or national, depending on the type of products and […]

Organizing an Awards Dinner

Hosting an awards dinner is a powerful way to reward and motivate your company’s employees. It shows your staff that you recognize and appreciate all of their hard work throughout the year, and it gives you the chance to single out exceptional employees for distinction. Keeping a business’ bottom line healthy takes a lot of […]

Making Your Business Conference a Success

A business conference can be a key ingredient in the success of any firm. It is a way for companies to interact one on one with clients, motivate employees and coordinate new directions for their business. But organizing a successful business conference takes careful planning, and a dogged attention to detail. Beyond scheduling speeches and […]