Planning That Key Presentation of Important Investors

The old adage that “you must spend money to make money” certainly applies to courting potential investors. Whether you are soliciting funds for a new public works project, or are looking for investors in a new company, the impression you make is as important as the presentation you deliver. Making a good impression begins by choosing the right venue for your presentation. When courting multiple investors, it can be beneficial to plan an afternoon or evening away from the office, combining refreshments, good company, an inviting atmosphere and a suitably subtle sales pitch.

Early Planning and Your Venue of Choice

Early planning is the key to any successful investment presentation. You want to allow yourself plenty of time to find a suitable event space, that is capable of accommodating all of your potential investors, and that can provide an elegant and professional atmosphere. If you are inviting investors from out of town, you may want to secure a venue that is conveniently located near the local airport, and close to the city’s best hotels. Making travel and hotel accommodations as easy for your investors as possible is important. You want them well rested, and in a good mood, when they attend your presentation.

As you consider different venues for your presentation, you’ll want to find the one that best suits the size of your gathering. A room that is too large tends to make investors feel that you are in over your head, making them less likely to part with the necessary funding for your project. Smaller rooms make for a more convivial atmosphere, and tend to lead to a greater feeling of camaraderie. Also be sure that the events coordinator and staff at the venue you choose can modify the space to reflect the professionalism you desire. Comfortable seating, well dressed tables and wall decorations help to create the impression of success that will help to elevate your presentation.

When making your final choice of venue, you will also want to reassure yourself that the corporate event space can supply anything you will need in the way of audio/visual equipment, outgoing phone lines and internet connections. You want to be certain that there will be no last minute hitches in delivering your sales pitch, and you need to be able to keep in constant contact with support staff at the office. Before settling on any event space, be sure to visit the venue in person. Take a short tour and make sure the facilities are clean and up-to-date, with adequate restrooms and handicap features.


What refreshments you choose to serve will largely depend on the type of presentation you are giving. Most venues offer on-site catering for their clients, and taking advantage of these services can help make the evening go much more smoothly. Many events coordinators also offer discounts if you use their catering service, so this can help to save your company money in the long run.

Whether you serve a sit down meal, or a light buffet may depend on the extent of your presentation. If it looks to be a long evening of speeches and demonstrations, you will definitely want to consider serving some form of refreshments. You don’t want potential investors getting fidgety due to hunger. A light buffet, or hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, can help to quiet any hungry investor while giving them a chance to chat, compare notes, and question you further about the details of your project. The on-site caterer should be able to offer suggestions as to the menu for your event, and should also be able to give you samples to choose from before you settle on your final selections. Before settling on a venue and catering service, be sure that they can provide all of the necessary staff, including servers and clean up personnel. If you plan on having an open bar, verify that the venue or caterer can provide an experienced bartender to accommodate all of your guests.

A successful presentation begins with creating an impression of professionalism. Choosing the right venue and caterer is the first step to creating that impression. When you have finished your presentation, your potential investors will have confidence in both you, and your proposal. You will have inspired that confidence because you took the time to consider all aspects of your presentation, including the setting, and the comfort of your guests.

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