Media Plan for Events

You’ve scouted locations, and found the perfect venue for your event. You’ve sent out invitations, booked guest speakers, and hired the best catering service in town. You’ve spent weeks agonizing over your patter and your presentations. And yet, with all of the sweat and toil you put into your event, you still aren’t getting the […]

Corporate Event Planning Tips

Planning a corporate event can be complicated, and there is much to prepare and coordinate to ensure that your event is successful. One of the biggest concerns is keeping within a set budget, and realizing a satisfactory return on your investment. But budgeting any event can be difficult, particularly if you are not accustomed to […]

Company Holiday Party Tips

The holiday season has come round again, and it’s time to start thinking about the annual office party. As the year comes to a close, business owners and office managers begin to muster their forces, and to start planning the perfect holiday celebration for their employees. This is the perfect time of year to not […]

Business Conference Tips

Business conferences provide an invaluable opportunity for business owners, management, and employees to come together in order to discover and discuss new ways to make their companies more successful. Regularly scheduled business conferences allow people to interact with one another, exchange ideas, brainstorm new product lines, and make profitable new industry contacts. But the success […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Next Training Seminar

Training seminars are an integral part of any business’ ongoing success. Whether you are introducing new sales protocols, streamlining office procedures, or bringing your sales force up to date on the features of a new product line, the training seminar is where employees and management come together to ensure the ongoing productivity of the company. […]

Business Anniversary Party Tips

Holding an anniversary party for your business is a great way to recognize the hard work of your employees, both past and present, while raising your company’s profile in a crowded marketplace. An anniversary celebration also offers ample opportunities to introduce new products and services, and to reintroduce your brand to consumers and to other […]

How to Build a Successful Business Team

Businesses do not become successful, and remain successful, simply through good luck and happy accident. Building and motivating a successful business team takes time and hard work, and one of the best methods for increasing a team’s productivity is through a business team workshop. Team workshops allow management and employees to address the growing needs […]

Presentation Tips for Investor Meetings

You’ve developed a new product or service that is poised to revolutionize your industry, but it may amount to nothing if you fail to garner the attention of potential investors and buyers. This is the critical stage for any new product or service, and many an innovation has been lost to time simply because inventors […]

Increasing Marketing Seminar Attendance

Holding a marketing seminar is a great way to gather your business team and clients together in order to introduce new products and services. Seminars offer businesses the opportunity to directly engage with their clients, and to hopefully get their client base to grow. Too often, however, marketing seminars suffer from low attendance. It doesn’t […]

Planning Successful Networking Events

Whether courting new investors, wooing potential clients, or raising funds for a local charity, nothing gets results like an elegant evening of cocktails and good company. The cocktail party has a long tradition, and while it may have fallen out of favor for a few years it’s making a powerful comeback. A well staged cocktail […]