Hosting a Business Luncheon for Potential Investors

Hosting a business luncheon is the perfect way to meet with new investors, unveil new strategies and forge strong working relationships. It gives business owners an opportunity to raise the profile of their company, to form partnerships and to build working capital. At first glance, hosting a business luncheon may seem to be a simple enough proposition, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. It is important to approach any business meeting with a professional attitude, and to give it the attention it deserves. After all, this is your chance to present yourself, your business, and your plans for the future to potential investors. When hosting a business luncheon, whether it’s for clients or potential investors, planning is the key.

Setting The Date

As obvious as it may sound, choosing the right date for your business meeting is one of the most important decisions you need to make. Consider the availability of your guests, and the travel time that may be involved. It is also important to fully consider your own schedule, and the schedules of any speakers you may be planning to invite. Think about any scheduling conflicts that may occur, and plan accordingly. Canceling, or rescheduling, your luncheon will give potential clients and investors the impression that you are unprofessional, and you will immediately be setting off on the wrong foot.


Very often business owners will hold working lunches or dinners in a favorite restaurant. It seems innocuous enough, but while a restaurant might offer fine food and good service, it also brings distractions. It is not a place of business. Or rather, it is not your place of business. The restaurant staff must look after all of their patrons, and can not devote their full attention to the potential clients and investors you are hoping to impress. Add to that the common distractions that come from other diners, and you end up with guests who have to struggle to pay attention to your presentations.

When hosting a business luncheon, it is always best to consider hiring a corporate events venue that can provide privacy, comfort and professional service. A hired venue offers more flexibility, and can be furnished and decorated to suit the specific needs of your gathering. It will also help to focus your guests’ attention on the purpose of the afternoon, making your business luncheon much more productive.

What to Look For in a Hired Venue

Your choice of venue will depend on a number of factors, including budget, location and available amenities. Look for a rental space that is centrally located and easily accessible for all of your guests. You will also want to assure yourself that it offers plenty of parking, and that the property is clean and presentable.

One of the major benefits of choosing a hired venue over a restaurant, is that they will be able to provide most of what you will need to host your business gathering. Most rental venues can offer their clients a full range of business amenities, including audio visual equipment for presentations, internet connections for computer access and live streaming, and a full range of furnishings to lend the afternoon the air of professionalism you want to convey. These are all vital components of any successful business gathering.

Catering Your Luncheon

When business owners hear the word ‘catering‘ they begin to worry about expenses. In many ways, however, hiring a caterer can be more cost effective than they think. Working closely with a caterer to select a menu actually helps to keep costs in control. When holding a business meeting at a restaurant it is very easy for the final bill to balloon out of proportion. The only real way to avoid it is to openly limit your guests choices, which never makes a good impression. But with a catering service, you can set a firm budget, select a menu that offers limited but satisfying choices, and show your guests that you are in control of every aspect of the afternoon’s gathering. Finding a good caterer doesn’t have to be hard work either, as many venues can offer on-site catering services. Often at rates that will definitely appeal to an entrepreneur.

Hosting a business luncheon is your chance to make a great impression on potential clients and investors. With a little forethought, some proper planning, and the right venue, you can walk away from your meeting knowing that you have put your best foot forward, and that you have provided a satisfying and productive afternoon for all concerned.

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