Simple Tips for a Budget Friendly Company Holiday Party

Have you been tasked with planning the annual company holiday party this year? Don’t panic! We have a few simple tips that can help you plan a memorable event that will help boost employee morale, giving your co-workers an experience they will remember. The most important items to consider are: what theme you’d like the […]

How to Keep Your Employees Engaged in Business Meetings

We’ve all been there. We spend weeks (even longer) planning a business seminar or training meeting, only to look out at a sea of bored employees who are struggling to stay awake. It gets under the skin of every business owner and office manager. After all, these business meetings take a lot of work to […]

Company Holiday Party Tips and Checklist

If you haven’t started planning your company Christmas party already, the time is fast approaching! As we ramp up to the festive season, staff and employees begin looking forward to the year end holiday bash. But the annual holiday party doesn’t just plan itself. Whether you handle the preparations yourself, or delegate the planning to […]

How to Promote Your Upcoming Corporate Event Using Social Media

Planning and staging any corporate event is time consuming and labor intensive. Whether its a business conference or a trade show, quite a lot of thought and hard work goes into making your event a success. Unfortunately, too many people forget about the importance of promotion when planning their corporate events. But without proper promotion, […]

5 Sure Fire Tips for a Successful Seated Dinner Party

When planing a large corporate event or seated dinner party, there is always a temptation to over-simplify the proceedings; either to stretch the event budget or to streamline the overall planning process. You might opt to stage a business cocktail party or light buffet as a way to keep your guests happily entertained and mingling, […]

5 Tips for Creating an Effective Post Event Survey

You’ve put a lot of time, effort and money into your latest corporate event planning efforts. Whether it’s a week long business conference or an afternoon training session, you will naturally want to gauge the success of that event with a customer survey. Post event feedback is an important part of any business function. It […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Next Business Conference

We’ve spoken at length about how to plan a successful business conference. We’ve given advice on everything from budgeting to marketing, along with some actionable tips and tricks of the trade to make the planning process easier and more effective. But it’s time to look at things from a different perspective. How about some handy […]

Choosing the Right Speaker for Your Event

Planning a successful business event takes time, determination, and a rigorous attention to detail. You must set an appropriate date, and then review and book a suitable venue. You need to book a catering service that can meet your budget, and then work with them to create a menu that will wow your guests without […]

Tips for Your “State of the Company Address”

At the beginning of each new year, the President of the United States delivers his State of the Union Address to the nation. With this address, the President reviews the year that has passed, highlights the successes and dissects the failures, and outlines his legislative agenda for the year ahead. This is a responsibility that […]

Boosting Attendance at Your Next Corporate Affair

Corporate events are one of the bulwarks of the modern business world. Whether it’s a training seminar or a trade show, corporate events can be an invaluable asset to the savvy business owner. However, the success of any corporate event ultimately comes down to attendance, and without a full complement of guests any business event […]