Business Anniversary Party Tips

Holding an anniversary party for your business is a great way to recognize the hard work of your employees, both past and present, while raising your company’s profile in a crowded marketplace. An anniversary celebration also offers ample opportunities to introduce new products and services, and to reintroduce your brand to consumers and to other industry professionals. Whether your company has been around for ten years or one hundred years, an anniversary celebration can be both fun, and productive. Business anniversary parties require a fair amount of planning, but the following tips should help you create a memorable celebration to suitably mark the years of hard work and stellar service that have made your company an ongoing success.

Setting the Date

The first step in planning a business anniversary party is to set a date for the celebrations. It doesn’t have to be the exact date your company opened for business, but it should be close to the time of year that you first opened your doors to the public. To get the most out of your anniversary celebration, be sure to schedule the event so that it doesn’t overlap with any major holidays or industry conventions.

Deciding Who To Invite

It is important to decide early on who you will be inviting to your anniversary celebration. If you intend to use your company’s anniversary as a marketing tool, you will want to invite other industry professionals and members of the public. This is particularly important if you are using the event to introduce new products and services, or are leveraging the anniversary to re-brand your business. Often, larger businesses will schedule two celebrations – one for employees and industry veterans, and another that is open to the general public.

Choose the Location for Your Party

Where you hold your anniversary celebration will largely depend on the type of event you are planning and the number of guests you will be inviting. As a general rule of thumb, a professional event space is always the best choice, particularly if you are opening up your celebrations to the public and other industry professionals. You will want to review a number of event spaces before making your final decision. A few key considerations when choosing an event space include:

  • Location – The event hall should be well situated close to hotels for any out of town guests.
  • Parking – There should be ample parking for your guests. Depending on the type of event you are planning, you may want to ask about the availability of valet services.
  • Facilities – Take the time to tour the event space. Can the venue accommodate the size of your party? Does it provide handicap access? Are there plenty of restrooms, and are they clean and presentable?

Booking the Necessary Vendors

Once you have decided on a guest list, and have booked your venue, it’s time to start thinking about hiring caterers, bartenders, and entertainment for your anniversary celebration. Many event spaces offer on-site catering services which can provide top flight service at a considerable savings. If they do not offer on-site catering, speak with the events manager and ask if they can recommend any reputable local caterers. If you are planning to provide a wet bar for your guests, be sure that the venue is licensed to serve alcohol, and ask if they can suggest any professional bartenders that can be booked for your event. Any entertainment for the evening should be booked well in advance, and should be auditioned to prevent any last minute disappointments.

Getting the Most Out of Your Anniversary Celebration

Once the date for your party has been set, and the venue and vendors have been booked, it’s time to get the word out. Prepare a press release for local news outlets and online media announcing your business’ anniversary celebrations, as well as any special promotions you have arranged to coincide with your company’s anniversary. If your business is celebrating a major anniversary, this may also be a perfect opportunity to reintroduce yourself by unveiling a new, or updated, company logo.

Your business’ anniversary can be more than just celebrating the hard work that has gone into making your company a success. It is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your customer base, and to reestablish your brand within your industry. With a little forethought, you can use your business’ anniversary celebration to ensure the lasting success that you and your employees have worked so hard to achieve.

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