4 Unique Groom Gift Ideas that You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Selecting the perfect gift for your groom has always been a challenge. It seems that many of the current trends for “the unique groom gift” have been overplayed.

The engraved pocket watch, a pair of socks to “warm his cold feet” on the big day, the engraved flask. All the trends just seem too common for your hubby-to-be and you need something more special for your husband-to-be. Taking things up a notch can make for a more memorable gift or experience.

Consider doing something a little more extraordinary to show him how special he is to you on your big day.

1. A Custom Made Book

Range: $400 – $750

customized book groom gift

You and your groom have made so many special memories together. Somehow a simple photo book just doesn’t seem like enough for your big day!

Step it up and hire an artist to create custom work for you and make a book! This unique groom gift idea could focus on “All the Things I Love About You” or “Our Travels” or even “Our Special Days”.

What ever you choose as the focus making the book is simpler than you think!

  1. Collect 15 – 20 pictures that you love of you and your spouse-to-be.
  2. Then post a job online to seek illustrations for your book based on your pictures. Here is a job description idea (feel free to copy and past): “Seeking an artist to help me turn my photos into illustrations for a groom book. Seeking a cover image, and 15 internal pages”. Preference for digital copies only.” Digital only brings down the cost and digital files are easier to work with for your book
  3. Once you book an artist be clear and concise about your expectations and goals. The artist cannot read your mind. The more detail, the better.

Sources to Hire a Local Chicago Artist

There are so many talented artists right here in Chicago! A great place to start is by posting a job on the Chicago Art Institute‘s student job board. Another great place to find talent is through the Chicago Artists Resource organization. This local hub is the go-to for local artists.

Printing the Book

After you hire an artist and get the final digital images making the book is easy! Sites like Shutterfly and Mixbook are affordable and allow you to choose different sizes or colors for your book.

This book is a wonderful treat for your special guy, but is also something you can cherish for years to come!

2. A Customized View-Master

Range: $40 – $65 (cost based on 1 to 2 reels)
view master groom gift

Everyone remembers how much they loved their View-Master as a kid. Bring a nostalgic twist to your groom gift by creating customized reels! You can have one or many reels created using your very own pictures. It is easy to do and a fun way to capture your memories.

Image 3D is a company who has been around for many years. They allow you to choose from six colors of view master and empower you to create your own reels with an easy to use uploader.

For a special kind of twist, check out Chicago-based Reelagram. This company produces the reels for a View-Master using images from your Instagram account! They also give you a choice of colors for your viewer.

One of the best parts about buying this gift for your groom is that you can also make him a custom reel for all your upcoming anniversaries.

3. Hire His Sport’s Team Mascot

Range: $250 +
mascot for groom giftIf your groom is in love with a Chicago sports team, or has a true passion for sports at his alma-mater, consider gifting him a surprise visit from his team’s mascot!

Securing a mascot from a local college can be as easy as making a call to the athletic director and making arrangements for an appearance. If your groom is a fan of a professional sports team in Chicago you have so many options.

Check out these links for details about how to hire the mascot for the the Chicago Bulls, Benny the Bull , the mascot for the Chicago Bears, Stanley Da Bear, the Mascot for the Chicago Blackhawks, Tommy Hawk, the Chicago Cubs mascot, Clark, or even the Chicago Sox mascot, Southpaw!

Consider sending a special note to your groom right before you head down the isle alluding the idea that there will be a surprise guest coming to the reception.

Either way this unique groom gift is a fun surprise for your groom, his friends, and your guests. A fun time to bring in the mascot would be right after the first dance. This would liven things up right when people are getting ready to hit the dance floor.

4. Pre-Made Love Letters

Range: $0 – $50


Words can be powerful and are a special sentiment on your wedding day and for years to come.

Surprise your groom with a box of letters. These letters can be what ever your heart desires. One idea is “Letters of Our Lives”. With this idea, you write one letter that you ask him to open on the day of the wedding. In a box include letters for other special days in your future. Perhaps one letter will be for him to open on the day you buy your first home, and another letter for the first day you spend apart after getting married, or another letter for your 5th anniversary.

Another idea is “Lets Make This Marriage Awesome” letters. With this idea you still give him a sweet letter to open on the day of the wedding. In the box of letters for him to open later color code the letters with three colors.

One color of letter should include messages only to be opened by him when you get upset with each other. These letters could include messages of happy memories or why you fell in love. Perhaps these even include cute pictures of the two of you. This is a great way to look back and remember why you are together on those tough days.

A second color should include messages only to be opened for date nights. These messages are ideas for dates that the two of you can use in the future when and if date nights get stale. Take it a step further and pre-pack gift certificates in the envelopes so the date night is already paid for in advance.

A third color could include messages that you open just for fun at random times. Consider asking the people closest to you to write a special message about the two of you and seal it in the envelope. It is always nice to hear special messages from the people we love, and especially wonderful when share together as a couple!

In Summary

Don’t be afraid to be creative! Your soon to be husband will appreciate how much time and thought you put into a unique groom gift idea for him. He might not express it fully, but rest assured, he will show off his unique gift to all his friends and family!

The wedding planning process can be overwhelming at times. Adding this special touch will give both of you something to remember and enjoy together…forever.

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