holiday party checklistWith gorgeous weather still in its full glory, it is hard to imagine that the holiday seasons are quickly approaching. You know what that means? It is time to start thinking about hosting a holiday party in your home.

The better planned out your future party is, the less stress you will endure while planning it, and the more you will be able to enjoy the event itself.

There are several elements to consider when planning to host a party in your home:

  • When will the event be hosted?
  • What will the ambiance be?
  • Who will be invited?
  • How many people will comfortably fit?
  • What will guests be served to eat and drink?
  • Will furniture need to be shifted around so everyone will fit?

Because the stresses of hosting can be overwhelming at times, use the following checklist as a reminder of ways to keep yourself organized and as frazzle free as possible while planning out your next in home holiday party!

Pick the Date!

The sooner you know when you plan to host, the sooner you should send out a save the date to guests!

Seeing as during the holiday season guests might get flooded with multiple invitations to multiple events, the sooner you know when you plan to host your in home holiday party, the sooner you should send out a save the date to your guests.

Whether you are looking to keep it simple with a few close friends and family, or wanting to host the party of the year, try and keep the time and date convenient to your schedule, and that of your guests.

Invite Options

Texts, evites, and festive stationary are all great options. From sending a quick and easy text, to an evite, to festively designed stationary invitation via postal mail, keep in mind that the invitation not only informs guests of your soirée, but also sets the tone of your event!

Invitation Choices Chicago

Remember, if you have specific requests for your guests, make it clear in the invites. For example, if you are choosing to host an adults only party, or would like for guests to bring a dish or drink to share, carefully word that in whatever version of an invitation you go with.

Food, Drink, & All Varieties In Between

The meat and potatoes, so to speak, of any party comes down to the food and drinks! Just like the aforementioned invite details being crucial to informing and setting the tone of your event to guests, your food and drink options will help to connect all those elements together!

If you choose to focus on a theme, or simply are focusing on the ambiance of your event, impressions, and appetites, will be pleased by varied options. From the appetizers, to main course, and desserts, there is so much fun that can be had with planning out the menu for your soiree!

Cooking vs. Catering


Since some parties may be on the more intimate side, cooking the food yourself may be the perfect personal touch to add to your party. However, no matter the size of your in home holiday party, having food catered can be an incredibly convenient way to go!

Not only can a catering company very easily provide you with the table settings for your guests to enjoy their meal with, but they can also easily provide the host with the ease of not having to cook, plate, and wash platters of food.

Instead, the host can socialize and enjoy the fruits of his/her planning labor!

Mindful Healthy Eating Options

catering healthy food optionsProviding guests with a various food options is also a courtesy a host should provide. With so many people having to accommodate for food allergies, and lifestyle choices that may limit their food options on a regular basis, it would be incredibly thoughtful, and appreciated by guests to offer a little something for everyone.

Mixology Mania

fall catering drinksAdding a fun spin on the drink options is another way to add some flare to your party! From choosing to have a friend be the designated bartender, or you actually hire a mixologist to tend to your guests, or if you simply set out premixed concoctions, the sky is the limit with beverages at a party!

Alcoholic and non alcoholic options alike can become just one more way to make your in home holiday party extra unique.

Make Accessibility a Priority

Proper placement of furniture, food, and drinks can truly make or break the convenience and social accessibility guests will have at your in home holiday party.

Begin by designating a place for guests to put jackets and personal belongings. Whether in a specified room, simple coat rack, or an actual person tending to the guests belongings, conveniently locating this area to the entrance and exit is key to seamless welcomes and farewells!

Next, locate a drink area in a noticeable area from the entrance. It allows guests to grab something to drink relatively quickly after arriving, providing an easy icebreaker, natural flow of conversation, and eased socialization between guests.

Centrally locating food as to not create a bottle neck of congestion of guests all grabbing food at the same time is also key. This can easily be avoided by either having food out the entire time, or by placing food in an area that is spacious enough where several sides of a table can be utilized for serving and guests can help themselves to what is available without having to seek assistance from the host.

Seating is also an element that cannot be forgotten. Unless seating around a table is a part of your meal ambiance, here is a simple rule of thumb to keep in mind- the more intimate the more seating needed, the more crowded the less precise you will need to be.

So Much Fun in the Details!

Though there is a lot of ground to cover when planning the ins and outs of hosting a holiday party in your home, there is so much fun to be had in the details!

Try not to get bogged down by the planning process, and, even more so, look forward to the fun memories you will create at this special event with the ones you enjoy the most.

And above all, reach out to us to help plan your next party!

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