6 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas for Winter Weddings!

Winter is a time when we cuddle up under warm blankets and snuggle up next to the one we love. Cozy fires, twinkling lights, sweet little kisses from snowflakes as they fall lazily from the sky. This time of year can make for a magical Chicago winter wedding.

You have dreamt about your winter wedding for months, if not years! Perhaps your vision included a soft powdering of snow on the ground with a light, whimsical snowfall dancing from the sky around you and your guests as you entered the reception hall. Everyone smiling as the glittery flakes melted softly on their skin.

The reality is that Chicago winters can sometimes be unpredictable, and there are a lot of benefits to planning a winter wedding. Help your guests stay warm and dry on your big day so the focus stays on you and prevents guests from having their spirits damped by the weather.

1. Customized Umbrellas


If the weather is pretty tough that day with swirling snow, guests may get their hair, makeup or clothing wet. Consider gifting guests each with a customized umbrella. This will help everyone make it to the reception hall with dry clothing and hair.

Make it memorable by having your wedding monogram printed on the umbrellas or by creating hand written tags to attach to each favor! There are so many colors to choose from and guests can use the umbrellas both on your wedding day as well as for years to come.

2. Winter Gloves


The chill of a blustery winter day can make your friends and family’s hands chilly. Winter gloves are something all of your guests can use on your wintery wedding day!

Place these must-haves in a decorative box near the door or at each individual setting. Either way, these will not be left behind. A toasty treat for your guests who have braved the cold Chicago weather to come share your special day.

3. Embroidered Blankets

wedding-favor-custom-blanketWedding apparel may be beautiful, but is not always weather appropriate. Silky dresses, lace skirts, and embroidered designs may make your guests look stunning, but they certainly don’t lend themselves well to the climate. Help guests feel more comfortable with a cozy, cuddly fleece!

Make it extra personal by selecting a blanket with one of the colors from your wedding and having the date of your big day stitched on the blankets!

4. Personalized Slippers


Weddings can be an all day celebration. After a long day shoes may become uncomfortable. Not to mention that your guests may get their shoes or socks wet from the snow on the trip between the wedding ceremony and the reception space.

Consider some comfortable, warm slippers for your guests. This usable wedding favor will help your guests socialize and dance the night away in comfort. Make them fun with cute tags and perhaps a monogram stitched on the top. This thoughtful wedding favor can be used on the day of the wedding and well loved for years to come.

5. Monogramed Travel Mug + Hot Cocoa Station


When it is time for guests to head home it may be cold and blustery. This winter wedding favor helps keep your friends and family warm and can be used again and again. Consider a DIY custom-made travel mug placed at a hot cocoa station!

Bring back fun childhood memories by adding marshmallows in different shapes and colors. Add your wedding date or initials on the travel mug to make it the perfect wedding favor. Each guest can use their new mug and fill it with hot chocolate to enjoy and help them stay warm on their drive home.

6. Ornaments


This winter wedding favor may not keep your guests toasty, but it was just too adorable not to share! Personalized Christmas ornaments are a beautiful and elegant way to share the memory of your wedding with guests for years to come.

There are so many options, and the sky is the limit for how you want to have these designed. You can do the traditional globe-like shape or opt for something that is more customized to the theme of your wedding.

In Summary…

When planning a winter wedding it is important to help your guests feel as comfortable as possible, despite the weather, so all the excitement of the day can stay focused on the bride and groom. By planning ahead with some usable wedding favors you can provide guests with something that evokes beautiful memories of your big day for years to come.

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