4 Checklist Tips for Holiday Catering & Special Occasions

If you are planning a special occasion, we know how stressful it can be with the many items to check off of your list. Whether you are planning a special holiday dinner, a birthday celebration or even a small wedding, catering would have to be one of the items at the very top of your […]

A Must See Checklist for Hosting a Holiday Party in Your Home

With gorgeous weather still in its full glory, it is hard to imagine that the holiday seasons are quickly approaching. You know what that means? It is time to start thinking about hosting a holiday party in your home. The better planned out your future party is, the less stress you will endure while planning […]

What Style of Dining Service is Right for Your Event?

Whether you’re planning a wedding reception, a corporate marketing event, or a local fundraiser, one of the star attractions of the day will be the refreshments. A big part of staging any successful event, and of being a good host in general, is providing an exceptional dining service for your guests. Of course, there’s more […]

Spice Up Your Next Event with Fun Interactive Food Stations

One of the greatest challenges facing anyone planning a large corporate event is finding new ways to set it apart from other, more staid, business gatherings. While some of the day’s, or night’s, activities must remain constant (speeches, demonstrations, performance reviews, instructional discussion panels), the ambitious event planner is always looking for a new twist, […]

Dietary Restrictions in Catering – Serving Your Guests with Care

As we move towards the festive season, it’s time to start thinking about parties. It may be the annual work Christmas party, a New Years Eve bash, or even the end of the year business gathering – but when the old year comes to its inevitable close we all start thinking about celebrating. Of course, […]

5 Common Wedding and Off Premise Catering Misconceptions

When it comes to planning your wedding, one of the most important decisions you will have to make will be choosing a catering service. A good caterer can transform a celebration into something truly spectacular. However, the reverse is equally true, and a poorly catered reception can make for a disappointing end to what should […]

Top Catering Tips for Your Next Corporate Event

Business meetings have changed considerably over the years. Sure, it’s still about crunching the numbers, motivating the troops, and laying the groundwork for your company’s future successes; but it’s also an opportunity to reward the hard work of your stalwart employees, and maybe woo a few high profile accounts in the bargain. So business meetings, […]

Keep the Party Going With Late Night Wedding Snacks

If you want your wedding reception to last into the wee hours, you have to fuel the revelers. Sure, everyone’s enjoyed a fabulous dinner and a slice of that scrumptious wedding cake, but the night is far from over. There’s a party to follow, and your guests will need an energy boost or two if […]

7 Essential Tips for Hiring the Best Caterer for Your Event

Whether you’re planning a wedding or a business seminar, a fund raiser or a marketing expo, the choice of catering staff is crucial. Naturally, you want your event to be perfect, and you want to be sure that you get the best service for your investment. But if you’re not a professional events planner, finding […]

Wedding Catering Trends

As the old year fades away, and a new year comes rolling in, it’s time to take stock and look towards the future. 2015 will bring new challenges for both professional, and amateur, event planners. Not the least of which is keeping pace with the latest trends and fashions that will be putting their mark […]