Keep the Party Going With Late Night Wedding Snacks

Wedding SnacksIf you want your wedding reception to last into the wee hours, you have to fuel the revelers. Sure, everyone’s enjoyed a fabulous dinner and a slice of that scrumptious wedding cake, but the night is far from over. There’s a party to follow, and your guests will need an energy boost or two if they’re going to keep dancing and celebrating throughout the night.

A few late night snacks would seem to be in order; some sweet and savory treats to keep your guests energized and to help soak up a bit of the alcohol that will be flowing so freely. So before you dismiss the catering staff, you’ll want them to serve some late night nibbles to keep your guests, and your party, going. To help with the menu, we’ve gathered together a few snack suggestions that you and your guests are sure to love.

What to Serve and When

Before we start looking at wedding night snacking suggestions, there are a few things you and your caterer should keep in mind. First, any snacks you serve at the reception need to be portable and easy to eat. Your guests shouldn’t need any additional plates or silverware to enjoy their late night treats.

Second, you’ll probably want to keep the selection down to two or three choices, with a balance of sweet and savory snacks. Finally, timing is everything. Your caterer should begin serving an hour to an hour and half before the reception is scheduled to end. Any earlier and your guests won’t have worked up an appetite; any later and the party will be starting to wind down.

Now, to get you started, here are some of our favorite late night wedding snack ideas.

Bite-Sized Burgers

Bite-Sized burgers make perfect late night snacks, and a mini-burger bar is a fun addition to any wedding reception or after party. Guests can build there own mini-burgers, and refuel on the go so the celebrations never have to stop. Bite-sized burgers are hearty enough to re-energize your guests, yet light enough that they won’t feel weighed down. Plus, the small size makes them easy to handle, so they’re party friendly and your guests won’t need utensils.

French Fries

French Fries may not sound like wedding fare, but when it comes to late night snacks at the reception there’s no reason not to get a little playful. Besides, who doesn’t love french fried potatoes? They cook up quick and easy, so you can keep your guests supplied with fresh baskets of fires. Better yet, serve them in single serving paper cones and give your guests a choice of seasonings. If you want to step things up a bit, have your caterer fry them in duck fat and serve with a selection of dipping sauces.

Fresh Roasted Nuts

For something a little lighter, but just as tasty, have your caterer roast a selection of mixed nuts. Serve in paper cones or candy cups so that your guests can nibble on the go. Nuts are a great source of energy, and they pair up well with any drinks menu. Have your caterer prepare a choice of seasonings, from savory to sweet, so there will be something for everyone.

Mini Sorbet Cones

Of course, you’ll want some sweet snack options as well, and mini sorbet cones are the perfect offering. They’re quick to prepare, easy to eat on the move, and they make great palate cleansers. Stick with fresh, fruity flavors, to help refresh your guests as the night moves on towards morning.

Coffee Drinks

Finally, to wake up the party goers and get them back on the dance floor consider having your caterer set up a mini coffee bar. An espresso or a cappuccino will help reinvigorate your guests, while they relax for a while enjoying their freshly made coffee and chatting among themselves. Be sure to give them something to nibble on as well, like fresh biscotti or beignets.

The wedding feast shouldn’t end with the dinner service and cutting of the cake. The celebrations have just begun, and there’s a party to go to. You and your guests will need fuel to keep that party going until the wee hours of the morning. So work with your caterer to craft some fun and tasty late night wedding snacks to keep the reception, and your guests, running at full throttle.

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