Adding a Groom’s Cake to the Wedding Menu

Though it has gone through many transformations over the years, the wedding cake remains the centerpiece of every wedding celebration. Today, wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes, the only restrictions being the imaginations of the bride and the baker. But there is another cake tradition that has made a big comeback in recent years – the Groom’s Cake. Originally, the Groom’s Cake would be sent home with the wedding guests, and unmarried women would put a slice under their pillows at night to bring about dreams of their future husbands. Thankfully, this somewhat messy part of the tradition has not been reintroduced. Today’s Groom’s Cakes are typically gifts from the bride to her new husband, and are an opportunity for couples to get a little playful with their wedding menu. While the traditional wedding cake remains the showpiece, the Groom’s Cake is a fun and fanciful addition to the celebration.

Finding the Right Bakery and Cake Designer

The first rule in choosing the perfect Groom’s Cake is to start early, and to give yourselves plenty of time to interview cake designers and bakers. While the Groom’s Cake is not the centerpiece of the wedding, it is just as important to devote the time and energy to finding the right bakery and cake artist for it as you would for your main wedding cake. Typically, Groom’s Cakes are prepared by the same bakery that creates the wedding cake, and it is often possible to get a discount by ordering both cakes at the same time from the same establishment. That being said, you may not be able to find a cake designer who can create both the traditional wedding cake and the more playful Groom’s Cake. Depending on your design plans, you may need to look for a separate bakery to handle the more playful Groom’s Cake. Before settling on a choice of bakery, ask to see samples of their work and testimonials from former clients. If you have an intricate design in mind, fully discuss it with the cake designer until you are both certain the desired result can be achieved.

Designing the Groom’s Cake

The Groom’s Cake can take any shape or form, and presents a wonderful opportunity for couples to get really creative. Typically, the Groom’s Cake will be designed to reflect the passions and interests of the husband-to-be. This is one of the reasons it is important to take the time to find a baker who really enjoys flexing his or her creative muscles. When it comes to the Groom’s Cake, traditional round and square tiered cakes go out the window. The emphasis is on playful design, incorporating anything from fast cars to musical instruments. Some examples of popular designs will illustrate just how creative you can get with your Groom’s Cake.

  • Electric Guitar and Amplifier (for the rock music fan)
  • Fishing Boat at Sea (for the fisherman)
  • Wrigley Field (for the baseball fan)
  • Soccer Pitch (for the soccer fan)
  • Empire State Building (for the life-long New Yorker)
  • A Maltese Falcon (for the classic film fan)
  • Favorite Football Team Logo (for the Football fan)
  • Starship Enterprise (for the Star Trek fan)

As you can see, the choice of designs for your Groom’s cake can go anywhere your imagination, and skills of your baker, might take you.

Taste Testing

Before giving the go ahead to your baker, you will want to taste test the possible flavors and fillings for your Groom’s Cake. Unlike the wedding cake itself, the flavor profile of the Groom’s Cake can go in any direction. However, as this is the Groom’s Cake, the flavors should reflect his choices and his favorites. Take your time, and let your baker show you the best of what he or she has to offer.

The Groom’s Cake is a welcome returning tradition that allows couples to more fully inject their personalities into the wedding celebration. It is also an opportunity for the bride to celebrate her new husbands enthusiasms, and to surprise him with a cherished memory they both will share for years to come.

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