How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Cake for Your Reception

perfect wedding cakeThe wedding cake is a showcase piece at every wedding, and there are as many different cake designs and flavors as there are newlyweds. The multi-tier white wedding cake, long the prevailing image of a traditional wedding, has been replaced by an abundance of bright and exciting styles designed to represent the personalities of the marrying couple.

But with all of these new shapes, sizes and flavors to choose from, how should couples go about choosing a great wedding cake?

The secret is to start your search early, and to investigate all of your options. Not only does this give couples ample time to make their selection, it also gives them a chance to indulge in some tasty testing sessions.

Start Early

Planning a wedding is an involved process, and should not be rushed. It is sometimes easy to get caught up the nitty-gritty of reserving an event space, ordering invitations, making guest lists and setting dates. So much so, that considerations like wedding cakes and catering menus can get moved to the bottom of the list of things to do.

However, it is important to begin thinking about your cake early in the wedding planning stages. Allow yourself plenty of time to interview cake designers, choose a style and settle on flavor combinations.

Choosing the Bakery

The secret to picking the perfect wedding cake is finding the right bakery and cake designer. Today, its easy for couples to research bakeries online, reading customer reviews and looking at samples of wedding cake designs.

Look for bakeries with plenty of positive feedback from past customers. Choose a number of bakeries who have gotten rave reviews from couples, and then visit their dedicated websites to see if they provide visual samples of their work. You want to be sure their examples are up to date, and that they are still actively producing quality work.

After you have narrowed down your choices to a few key contenders, it’s time to visit the bakeries in person. Chat with the staff and bakers about the type of wedding cake you desire, pointing out taste and design preferences. Listen to the cake designer’s suggestions, and use their experience to help guide you through the styles and flavors that are their specialty.

Remember that you are interviewing prospective bakers to deliver a wedding cake that you and your guests will enjoy and remember for years to come. If you do not feel comfortable with the designer or the staff, move on to the next bakery on your list.

Be Creative With Your Design

Wedding cake trends and designs have come a long way since the traditional three tiered white marzipan covered sponge cake. A good cake designer should be able to suggest unique alternatives to the traditional wedding cake, and should be prepared to incorporate the themes and color schemes you have set for your wedding day. Discuss your wedding plans with the cake designer, and work closely with them to develop a design that best reflects your personalities.

Taste Testing

The proof of the pudding is in the taste testing, and this is the best part of selecting a wedding cake! Once you have chosen a design for your wedding cake, it is time to settle on the perfect flavor combination. Your cake designer will have suggestions of course, and will incorporate your preferences into their flavor profiles. Typically, couples will be invited to a few taste tests to sample a variety of cakes as a prelude to making their final decision.

Beware of bakeries that suggest exotic or outlandish flavor combinations. Individuality is one thing, but think about your guests. Select a flavor combination that not only satisfies you, but that will appeal to all of your wedding guests. Take your time with the samples, and enjoy the variety of flavors and taste combinations being offered.

Talk to Someone Who Knows

If you find you are having difficulty deciding on a bakery, ask for advice from those with the most experience. Speak with the event planners at the venue you have selected for your wedding, and ask for their opinions. They’ve hosted a variety of weddings, and their experience can help you avoid choosing a bakery with a questionable history. The last thing you want is to select the perfect cake, and then find out on your wedding day that the bakery can not deliver the goods. Before signing a contract with a cake designer or bakery, get some input from the experts.

Choosing the perfect wedding cake takes time, so start your search early. Remember to be frank with the bakery staff, and let them know what you expect. The wedding cake, whether unique or traditional, still remains one of the focal points of any wedding, and deserves to be chosen with care.

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