4 Chicago Wedding Cake Trends For Your Reception

chicago wedding cake trends by BelvedereFrom traditional, to modern, or eclectic styles, Chicago wedding cake trends are definitely on the rise in the most unique directions! Sure, you have the classic option of keeping it simple with something like a buttercream based cake that appeals to even the pickiest taste buds, along with having a great blank canvas with many decorating options. Or, for a bit of drama, you can add a tall tiered cake reaching impressive heights of double barreled layers, adding the perfect centerpiece to your magical reception.

The list could go on and of the many options you may walk into during your wedding cake consultation, so it is key to have the slightest inclination as to what direction you and your fiancé would like to take with your wedding cake design prior to your appointment.

Check out these hot Chicago wedding cake trends to add a little zing to your special day!

#1 – The Naked Wedding Cake

Naked Wedding Cake Chicago
Image Credit: Elysia Root Cakes

Natural is in! Though this might come across with more of a rustic vibe, it truly has tons of versatility and can go from rustic and chic to modern and fabulous with the switch up of decor!

With its exposed side layers, some fruit and buttercream frosting peaking out, this fondant free creation can be a minimalists dream! The naked wedding cake enables you to keep it simple by adding color with your choice of fruit, or add a touch of elegance and nature with ornate florals arranged throughout.

This clean look takes less time for bakeries to assemble, and due to its exposed sides providing minimal protection making the cake dry out faster, you may walk away with a fresher cake that is made as close to your big day as possible, ensuring the quality and taste of its spectacular design.

#2 – The Painted Wedding Cake

Painted Wedding Cake Chicago
Image Credit: Amy Beck Cake Design, LLC

If you are looking for a one of a kind wedding cake, this is the way to go! Regardless of your style, this Chicago wedding cake trend has grown into a creative way to bring art to the dessert world.

The detail oriented element to this form of wedding cake can definitely fall on the more costly side of things seeing how time consuming it may be to hand paint several tiers of cake covered in fondant.

From choosing a look that is ornate and colorful, to a more minimalist modern approach, this is a wonderful cake choice for the eclectic couple looking to have a one of a kind cake as a part of their deliciously unique day!

#3 – The Allergy Friendly Wedding Cake

Allergy Friendly Wedding Cakes
Image Credit: West Town Bakery

There seems to be more and more people who have made specific dietary cuts based off of personal lifestyle choices, or due to uncontrollable dietary allergies. Be it as it may, it is amazing to see the world of desserts is starting to catch up, with far more options for those who have vegan, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, organic, nut-free, and other dietary restrictions.

From the decor, to the frosting, down to the ingredients of the cake, bakeries are giving dessert lovers options that are well worth indulging in! Whatever the reason is that dietary restrictions play a part in your wedding cake choosing process, you and your finance will not have to waiver on taste and quality anymore.

#4 – The Shiny Wedding Cake

Shiny-Wedding-Cakes Chicago
Image Credit: Olga Noskova

This non traditional design has taken the culinary world by storm! It has not yet made its way to Chicago, but is set to hit the stage next spring. Though this technique dates back many years, it has recently regained notoriety because of Russian baker, Olga Noskova, taking her talents to social media and making this one of the most unique cake trends!

This mirror finished look is a technical multi step process that will probably also be reflected in the pricing, but it packs quite the punch of modern elegance! From choosing to have this design as your wedding cake, or adding a new spin to the southern tradition of a groom’s cake, do not underestimate the trailblazer that you would be with a cake like this on your big day!

Remember to Trust Your Personal Taste

Clearly, there are quite a few Chicago wedding cake trends these days, which can be both a great, and overwhelming thing. Just remember to explore the many available options by tasting plenty, and discussing design and content with the bakery you choose.

Most of all, trust your personal taste, and you will end up with a wedding cake that leaves a lasting impression on the overall impact of your soon-to-be gorgeous reception!

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