Trendy Fall Wedding Ideas We Can’t Resist for 2017

fall wedding ideasAre you a bride to be planning a fall wedding? We think you are going to adore this year’s fall trends for 2017, because we sure do!

The trends this year are all about enjoying nature, whether it’s outdoors or bringing nature indoors – with a modern, romantic spin!

Think thick evergreen garlands, beautiful natural wood decorations with extravagant flower arrangements, touches of metallic decor, and fun cocktail style food.

This season is definitely putting budgets to the test with the luxurious modern elements tastefully paired with elements of nature. We’re adoring the down to earth, romantic trends mixed with a touch of modern luxury.

Before you start planning, let’s take a look at a few of the top fall wedding trends for this year.

Pops of Nature and Metallics

A deep pop of color is just what you need to add a little something special to your wedding décor. Adding deep pops of color to the nature style creates an amazing contrast with all the natural elements. Bright colors can be added as small accents, or you can go bold with a big splash of deep plum or burgundy color.

pantone color year 2017 greeneryTry adding a deep jade accent to your dress, or consider dressing the bridesmaids in an earthy Greenery, Pantone’s color of the year for 2017.

However you do it, the deep hue color palette is eye-catching and warming and adds something special to the greenery trend.

If you aren’t totally sold on the whole earthy green color scheme, try adding in an array of metallic tones. Add glitz to your tables with sequined table runners, dress your bridesmaids in silver and gold accented dresses or add some rose gold beading to your wedding gown for that extra shimmer as you walk down the aisle.

Pairing just the right amount of color with elegant touches of metallic can create an interesting modern yet elegant look.

Wild Flowers

Who said wedding flowers needed to be carefully picked and paired? We love the new trend of creating more natural wild looking flower arrangements and bouquets. The freshly picked look fits in perfectly with the nature theme while adding a touch of color. With loads of different wild flowers to choose from, every bride is sure to find the right color and combination to suit their style.

When it comes to tables the trend steers away from flowers and more towards a green leafy look. Succulents, eucalyptus and leafy branches will be seen strewn across tables as if nature intended on it being that way. Instead of colorful flowers, opt for deep red toned berries mixed in with your wild greenery.

Lovely Lace

Obviously, lace itself isn’t a new trend in the wedding industry! But, what is new is the variety of lace sleeved gowns we are seeing. From lace backs to lace necklines to lace cap sleeves – it’s obvious the not-so-humble lace is making a comeback. Which is a blessing for brides getting hitched in the cooler weather!

Whether you choose a touch of lace at the neckline or long lace sleeves, you can’t go wrong with lace this fall. Adding beading to your beautiful lace gown creates the metallic sparkle of the season and will leave you feeling like a princess for sure.

Two piece separates are another trend not to be missed this year, with cashmere sweaters making their appearance alongside full length ballgown skirts for a completely personalized look this fall. We love this trend because it allows the bride to express her personal style in a whole new whimsical way!

Creative Foods

Say goodbye to fancy formal sit downs and hello to the modern take on carnival style foods! From interactive food stations to modern comfort foods like mini pies and donuts. Another food trend is all about fresh, sustainable foods and hand crafted recipes which matches the nature theme this fall.

finger foods wedding ideas

This setup also offers a more interactive style of eating, which is great for guests getting to know each other. You can let your imagination and creative juices run wild and create your very own appetizer style menu, keep things miniature and on a stick to keep with the theme. The great thing about this style of food is that it can double as favors for your guests. From mini jam jars filled with homestyle jam or caramel apples, to small DIY s’more kits. These favors will look mouth watering and rustic displayed on tables.

Take Your Table Decor to New Heights

fall wedding table decorSticking with the outdoor theme, table settings are taking on new au naturale looks. Whether you choose to have your reception under the stars with big bonfires to keep warm, or indoors with touches of nature brought it, there are fabulous “non floral” table center piece options that add height to your table.

Including elements from nature such as branches and leaves adds to the outdoor atmosphere and is also cost effective for those budget conscious brides.

Candles are always a great option for any wedding, they add to the romance and can add height to the table without the use of flowers. These centerpiece ideas are all perfect for the earthy table setting trend this fall.

Bare Cakes

We are just loving the bare cake trend this fall. These cakes expose their layers and are kept simple in line with the nature trend. Don’t be fooled into thinking these cakes look minimalistic, because these look just as amazing as your traditional frosted cakes.

bare wedding cake
Image Credit: Brenda’s Wedding Blog

Think high tiers with rustic flowers and scrapings of white frosting to create a gorgeous rustic wedding cakes. The focus is more on the taste and flavors of caramel and ganache drizzled down the cake rather than going with over the top sugar decorations.

Say it With a Sign

Au Naturale weddings allow you to ditch the fancy individualized stationery and go for big rustic boards and signs. These signs and boards can be used for seating charts and wedding guest book alternatives and look gorgeous as part of your outdoor decor. The airy look of whimsical calligraphy paired with rustic wooden boards and signs fit perfectly with romantic outdoor fall weddings. If wood isn’t your thing, chalkboards and mirrors are all the rage too. Mirrors are perfect for those going with the metallic tones.

Fall is a beautiful time of the year, take full advantage of the beautiful settings and decor that nature has to offer.

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