Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Planning a wedding requires some major decision making. There is the venue to book, the guest list to compile, the caterers, photographers, and entertainment to sort out – the list sometimes seems endless. Most of these decisions are made together, with the bride and groom working in tandem to arrange the wedding of their dreams. But there are some decisions that only the groom can make. One of those is the choice of gifts for the groomsmen.

The Groomsmen

Groomsmen play an important part in any wedding. They support the groom through the wedding planning process, help with organizing transportation and entertainment, and act as ushers on the day of the ceremony. While it may sometimes seem that the best man and the groomsmen are only there for show, their contribution is a vital part of any wedding and tradition dictates that they should be rewarded for their service and steadfastness with a small memento of the day. Finding the right gift for your groomsmen takes time and some serious consideration. Like any aspect of planning a wedding, it’s not as simple as it may look. That being said, the following tips will help to guide grooms to the best possible gifts for their trusted and valued groomsmen.

Setting a Budget

Before you begin shopping for your groomsmen’s gifts, it is important to set a firm budget. No one wants to be mean when it comes to gift giving, but having a firm budget in place will help you to focus on a specific range of gift ideas and will save you time and frustration in the long run. Remember, the point of a groomsmen’s gift is that it should be personal and heartfelt. It doesn’t necessarily have to be extravagant or expensive.

Focus on the Practical

The gifts you choose for your groomsmen should be practical. There is little point in giving your groomsmen a gift that will only end up covered in dust, forgotten at the back of a disused closet. You want the gift to be something that they will continue to use for years to come. It may be something as simple as a stylish key chain or a monogrammed wallet, or as unique as engraved cuff links or a studded tie pin. Consider the personalities of your groomsmen, think about the habits and hobbies, and choose your gifts accordingly.

Consider Your Groomsmen’s Needs

One of the most common gifts given to groomsmen is the engraved brandy flask. They are elegant and stylish, but really serve no function what so ever. Seriously, how many men really carry flasks of brandy around with them these days? That’s the type of gift that’s going to end up in the back of a closet, long forgotten. When choosing your groomsmen’s gifts, look for something they will actually use. Consider your groomsmen’s personal habits, and choose something they may not have realized they need. For example, an antique styled shaving kit is something that every man can use and enjoy on a daily basis. It’s elegant, unique, and serves a practical purpose.

Personalize Your Gifts

The gift you choose for your groomsmen should be personalized, to add to it’s uniqueness and personal value. It is common to have the groomsmen’s gift monogrammed with with a name, initials, or date of the wedding. This is an important enough feature that it should guide your choice of gifts. If the item you are considering can not be monogrammed or engraved, it may not be a suitable choice for a groomsmen’s gift.

Go for Quality

A groomsmen’s gift should last a lifetime, so it is important to look for quality. Avoid tatty knock-offs, and purchase your gifts from a reputable shop or online vendor. There are many businesses which specialize in gifts for the wedding party, and their focus is on creating and selling high quality merchandise that will stand the test of time. Whatever your budget, make quality a top priority.

Choosing gifts for the groomsmen may seem a small consideration amidst all of the major decisions that have to be made when planning a wedding. But your groomsmen are an important part of the wedding ceremony, and they deserve a fitting memento of their friend’s big day. Take these tips to heart, and you will be able to reward your groomsmen with the kind of gift they will use and cherish for years to come.

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