Post Wedding Brunch

Wedding BrunchWeddings are wonderful and exciting occasions. They are the purest definition of beauty and celebration. However, as wonderful and exhilarating as the wedding day is, it is also hectic and intensive. Particularly for the bride and groom. Even when the ceremony itself is over, and everyone has gathered for the wedding reception, the bride and groom’s attentions will be in high demand and there will be little chance for either of them to really relax and socialize with their guests. That’s really the only downside of a wedding celebration. You’ve gathered together all of the people that are important to you in your lives, and you have almost no time to spend with them. That’s where the post wedding brunch comes into play.

Spending Time With Family and Friends

Consider this, you have planned a big wedding and have invited friends and relatives from all across the country. People have traveled hundreds, maybe even thousands, of miles to share the big day. And what happens? You see them in the receiving line, exchange a few pleasantries, and that’s it. The post wedding brunch allows the bride and groom to share a relaxing mid-morning meal with friends and family, free of the hectic demands of the wedding day. The relaxed atmosphere allows you to gather together with distant relatives and long lost friends, and to share some quality time with them. The post wedding brunch also gives you both a chance to catch your breath, recover from the hectic day before, and ease into your honeymoon plans.

Tips for Planning Your Post Wedding Brunch

Before you start thinking, “Oh no, not more wedding planning”, relax. Planning a post wedding day brunch is easy, and it won’t add any more stress or anxiety to your wedding preparations. After all, the whole point of this brunch is relaxation.

  • Choose the Venue – Generally, if you are planning a post wedding day brunch, you will want to discuss it with the event manager at the venue you have chosen for your wedding and reception. Hired venues will typically have smaller halls and banquet rooms that will be perfect for a mid-morning brunch, and which can often be included as part of your wedding package.
  • The Guest List – Don’t feel like you have to invite everyone on the wedding list. The post wedding brunch should be reserved for close friends, immediate family members, and out of town guests.
  • Keep It Casual – The whole point of the post wedding brunch is to allow you some time to connect with friends and family before your honeymoon. Make it a casual affair, and schedule it for late in the morning or early afternoon. You want to give your guests plenty of time to recover from the festivities of the night before.
  • Opt for a Buffet – A sit down meal is often too structured for a mid-morning brunch. A buffet will allow your guests to take what they want, as they want it. It will also make it easy for your guests to come and go according to their own schedules and travel plans. Be sure to let your guests know that the timing of your brunch is flexible, and they are welcome to come and go as they please.
  • Invitations – Printed invitations are not necessary. If you want to mail a separate invitation to your brunch that’s fine. If it is easier to simply email those guests you wish to invite to your brunch, that’s find too. There are no real rules of etiquette to follow where post wedding day brunches are concerned.

The post wedding brunch is a wonderful addition to any couple’s wedding plan. It offers the bride and groom a chance to spend some quality time with friends, family, and out of town guests, away from the hectic atmosphere of the wedding and the reception. A post wedding brunch also makes for a relaxing start to the honeymoon, and gives couples the chance to bask in their wedding day celebrations for just a few hours longer. If you are in the process of planning a wedding, a post wedding brunch may be the perfect addition to your perfect day.

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