Involving Family & Loved Ones in Your Wedding Ceremony

Planning your wedding involves making many decisions, some simple and some not so simple. While setting up your budget and picking out your wedding dress come first on the list of to-do’s, deciding on who will be involved in your wedding ceremony still makes it onto the list. Your wedding day is a special celebration […]

Changing the Shape of Your Wedding Ceremony – How to Personalize Your Wedding

When it comes to weddings, couples naturally want to make the day as memorable as possible. So a lot of time and energy is devoted to choosing the right clothes and accessories, hiring inventive florists and decorators, and planning elaborate receptions and after parties. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, and I say go for […]

Writing Your Own Wedding Vows – Best Tips and a Template

These days it’s not uncommon for couples to write their own wedding vows, and it’s a great way to add a personal touch to the wedding ceremony. But let’s face it, most of us aren’t professional writers, and when it comes right down to it crafting a beautiful and expressive set of wedding vows can […]

What You Need to Know Before Writing Your Wedding Ceremony

Planning your wedding can feel like a never ending stream of decisions. You have to decide on the perfect venue, and of course the date and time of the service. Then you need to hire the wedding vendors; sometimes spending weeks interviewing caterers, entertainers, and photographers until you find exactly what you want. Then there […]

What to Consider When Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

For many couples, a traditional church wedding answers all of their wedding dreams and expectations. For those couples, faith is a major part of their day to day lives, and they probably can’t imagine being married anywhere other than in a sacred sanctuary. That makes the choice of wedding venue fairly easy. For other couples, […]

Here’s What You Need to Know if a Friend is Performing Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding trends and traditions are always changing; with the old constantly making way for the new. Currently, one of the most popular wedding trends is to have a friend officiate at your wedding ceremony. Having a close friend or family member conduct your wedding ceremony is a wonderful way to make the wedding service more […]

5 Tips For a Unique Wedding Ceremony

We tend to think of the traditional wedding ceremony as being set in stone. But the truth is, wedding traditions are constantly changing. Sometimes those changes are relatively subtle, while at other times they can be fairly dramatic. Either way, the evolution of the wedding service is constant and continual. Couples today should have no […]

Choosing Between A Grand Entrance or Receiving Line

Organizing your wedding ceremony and reception is a task that you must take seriously. The entrance to your own wedding reception could be a long line that allows you to greet everyone in attendance, or you can make a grand entrance to your reception that includes the announcement of you and your new spouse. Choosing […]

Wedding Usher Duties

When it comes to wedding advice, nearly everything you read or hear will be centered around the bride and groom. That’s certainly understandable. After all, this is their big day and they are rightly the center of attention. But there are other members of the wedding party who have important responsibilities on the big day, […]