Choosing Between A Grand Entrance or Receiving Line

Receiving Line Wedding ReceptionOrganizing your wedding ceremony and reception is a task that you must take seriously. The entrance to your own wedding reception could be a long line that allows you to greet everyone in attendance, or you can make a grand entrance to your reception that includes the announcement of you and your new spouse. Choosing between the two sets the tone for the ceremony and reception you will have, but you must choose the style that you truly believe matches your personality.

1. Formal Ceremonies

Formal ceremonies are easy to organize with a receiving line. Receiving lines are used by royalty and dignitaries all over the world at their formal engagements, and you may set up a line that includes your wedding party, your parents and other significant guests. The attendees of your wedding will come down the line to visit with you as the reception opens, and you may say hello to every person who has made time to be with you that day.

2. Formal Receiving Lines To Close The Ceremony

The ceremony you stage with your spouse can use a receiving line that leads people out of the reception by shaking your hand. The handshakes you give to your guests as they leave will precede you leaving for your honeymoon. You may thank everyone for coming to the reception, and you may share some parting thoughts with the people who chose to attend. Receiving everyone as they go out to the door is a good way to say thank you for attending.

3. Grand Entrances

Making grand entrances into your wedding reception will help you portray your personality in the most positive way possible. Everyone at your reception will be able to see your dress, and they will give you a lovely ovation when you enter the room. The grand entrance is perfect for an extrovert who wants to show off their dress or their outfit picked for the reception.

4. Music

The music used for your wedding reception should indicate a grand entrance or the slow movement of a receiving line. You get to choose music that is going to make the receiving line or grand entrance a pleasing experience for everyone. You can coordinate with the DJ or band to get the right music played, and you will create a memory that everyone can hold on to. The music you play for the entrance or receiving line creates a memory imprint that your guests will never forget.

Choosing between the grand entrance and a receiving line will help you set the tone for your wedding from the beginning of the reception. Your choice will create a memorable experience for all the guests at your wedding.

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