Renew Your Vows

A couple’s 25th wedding anniversary is a significant milestone in their lives together, and it deserves something special in the way of remembrance. Anniversary parties are always popular, but a couple’s silver anniversary is something truly special, and many couples choose to mark the day with a renewal, or reaffirmation, of their wedding vows. Whether […]

Tips for Planning a Family Reunion

A family reunion is a unique event, and is really quite unlike any other familial gathering. As a family grows and expands, quite often its members will move to new cities, starting families of their own. The family reunion is a singular opportunity for aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, and distant cousins to gather […]

Planning a First Communion Party

A child’s first Holy Communion is a landmark in the life of a young Catholic. It marks the admission of a youngster into the body of the Catholic church, and is a time of great celebration for Catholic families around the world. While the first Holy Communion is a sacred right of the church, it […]

Private vs Big Name Jeweler

Buying jewelry is a big investment both financially and, in some cases, emotionally. There are so many things we honor with jewelry: engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, new babies, graduations, and retirements – just to name a few! With all this on the line, is it better to buy from a private jeweler or a big […]

Planning a Retirement Party

There comes a time in every professional career when valued employees leave the firm for the green fields of retirement. When that day comes, it’s customary for large business firms to throw a party for the retiree. A retirement celebration is an opportunity to say ‘thank you’ for the employee’s years of dedicated service to […]

Planning A Sweet Sixteen Party

The sweet sixteen party has a long tradition in many cultures around the world. In the United States, the sweet sixteen party can trace its lineage to the Spanish Quinceanera and the traditional American debutante ball. These celebrations were a way of recognizing a young girls passage from childhood to young adulthood. While much has […]

Planning a Successful Networking Event

Business networking plays a large part in modern commerce. It’s a highly competitive world, and it can be difficult to get your business noticed. Hosting a networking event is a good way to raise the public profile of your business, and to introduce your goods and services to a wider range of potential clients. The […]

Does Your Next Event Need Experienced Bartending Services?

Organizing any type of large event or public function requires a great deal of planning. Whether it is a wedding reception, fund raiser, or a meeting for corporate investors, there are plenty of decisions that need to made early to ensure that your event is a success. Many of these decisions are common to all […]

Planning the Perfect Bar Mitzvah Party

The bar mitzvah is a time of great occasion in the life of a young man. It marks a boy’s passage into adulthood, and his family and community’s recognition that he is becoming a man. It is a solemn occasion, but it is also a time of great celebration. Family and members of the congregation […]

Planning The Perfect Graduation Party

Graduation is a time of great excitement for both the honoree and their family. It is also the perfect occasion for a party, and a chance to celebrate the end of one stage of life and the beginning of another. But planning the perfect graduation party takes time, thought and a good deal of preparation. […]