What To Look For When Booking a Banquet Hall

Banquet Hall

Whether you are preparing a corporate awards dinner or planning a wedding reception, choosing a banquet hall can prove to be more task than you might at first imagine. Finding the right banquet hall for your gathering entails more than just locating an available event space. It requires careful consideration and research to find the banquet hall that can provide everything you will need to make your event, business or personal, a full fledged success.

Match the Banquet Hall to the Event

Before beginning your search for a suitable venue, it is important to take care of the basics. First, consider the type of event you are planning, and how many guests will be attending. These two basic points will help you to decide on an appropriate rental space. When planning a banquet you will want to be sure the hall you are considering can easily accommodate the number of guests in your party. A hall that is too small will inevitably leave your guests feeling uncomfortable. A banquet hall that appears too large for your needs can be lit and decorated in such a way as to conceal the unused space, and create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for your party. When considering the size of the venue in relation to the number of guests who will be attending, it is better to settle on a larger banquet hall and decorate it to conceal the extra space.

The type of event you are planning is also a chief consideration when booking a banquet hall. Personal events, such as wedding receptions or anniversary parties, will likely demand a more casual atmosphere. For a corporate event or awards ceremony you may wish to choose a more elegant venue. A good rental service should be able to offer options that suit both ends of the spectrum. The type of event you are planning will also determine the style of decoration you will want. Many rental halls provide event planners who can offer suggestions as to décor, and can provide the necessary decorations and lighting features to make the venue perfect for your gathering.

Before booking any banquet hall, walk around and get a feel for the building itself. Check out the entrances and exits, and be sure to check that the venue offers adequate parking facilities for all of your guests. If you are considering a more formal event, you may want to inquire if the establishment can offer valet services. Also, don’t overlook the simple necessities. Check to see that there are adequate restroom facilities, and be sure the banquet hall can accommodate any guests with disabilities. Adequate handicap parking, ramps, rails and lifts are important considerations when choosing any event space.

What Services Are available On Site

Once you have found a suitable banquet hall, it’s time to consider what services the rental company can offer. Most banqueting facilities offer on premises catering services for their clients. In most cases, this is the way to go when planning your event. Booking all of your required services through one provider makes it much easier to coordinate, and to ensure the level of excellence that you demand. Be sure the on site catering service can provide a full selection of menu possibilities, and that they are prepared to accommodate any of your guests who may have specific dietary restrictions. The caterer should also offer a full tasting menu, giving you the chance to sample potential dishes before you settle on the final menu. If the on premises caterer can not meet these requirements, you may need to consider an outside service or a complete change of venue.

Your final choice of banquet hall should also be able to provide any essentials you may need to make your gathering a success. In addition to tables and chairs, sound systems, microphones and various A/V equipment should be available on site for use on the night of your event. Also keep in mind that you will need to have waiters and bartenders for the banquet, and you should inquire as to the availability and cost of providing any necessary staff. Before booking any venue, be sure the event coordinator can supply everything you need for your gathering, so there won’t be any last minute difficulties.

Booking a banquet hall and event service for your gathering does require a bit of planning and forward thinking. But by asking the right questions of yourself, and your potential event coordinator, you can ensure that your party goes off without a hitch.

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