Wedding Entertainment Options

Planning a wedding is exciting, chaotic, and sometimes overwhelming. So many details, so many decisions, and it is, after all, your wedding! One way to ensure that guests have a good time, and you are free to focus on the countless other details, is to select a wedding entertainment option that takes care of itself, suits itself to the bride and groom and will be appropriate for your guests.

Wedding Entertainment Options

When deciding on wedding entertainment, several factors should be taken into account, including cost, audience, interests of the bride and groom, and wedding venue. For example, if the bride and groom both love country music, the bride’s grandfather hates loud music and members of their church are conservative, a heavy metal band would be highly inappropriate! Besides live music, you may want to consider a DJ, a hosted karaoke experience, or some other form of wedding entertainment for your big day.

Live Music

The variety available from live music makes it an excellent choice for your wedding entertainment. Live music adds a vibrancy and personal touch to your wedding entertainment that other forms cannot. Whether you prefer a lounge act, an orchestra, or an acoustic group, a live band can provide entertaining music as well as ensuring that everyone hears the toasts, speeches, and other announcements by using their PA equipment. Once you have selected a band for your event, your work is done.


DJs are a popular choice for wedding entertainment, being flexible, affordable and convenient. Not only can you select the type of music that is played, but the wedding DJ can often provide a wider range of musical styles than a live band. You will also have the same advantages of amplified speeches and other announcements. Like the live music option, your work is done once a DJ is selected.

Karaoke Fun

One way to make your wedding entertainment more interactive is to incorporate a karaoke session. Imagine watching wedding videos of the groom’s grandfather belting out an old crooner song, followed by a delightful toddler’s rendition of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. These are some wonderful memories you can add to your special day. Many DJs offer combined music and karaoke services.

When selecting your wedding entertainment option, be sure to communicate with the venue manager to ensure that space, power, and other factors are addressed, ensuring the smooth operation of your wedding entertainment. The last thing you want is a technical snafu that could undo all of your careful planning.

With a little thought and consideration, you can come up with an option that will be sure to make all of your guests happy.

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