5 Amazing Wedding Décor Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests!

Months of excitement and planning culminate in one special night: your wedding. One of the most meticulously planned elements of most weddings is the décor!

Wedding ceremony décor and wedding reception décor give the bride and groom a chance to express their personal style, combining elements of tradition and taste into one spectacular party.

From chic and modern to glitzy and glam, get ready to say “I do” to your wedding theme with these inimitable wedding décor ideas.

Royal Sparkles Shine

If your friends can find you in a crowd from the bling of your diamond engagement ring and your closet is filled with rhinestone-studded stilettos, this sparkly wedding reception idea is for you. A balance of shine and subtlety is key to pulling off this wedding décor idea.

A royal-inspired violet color palette can be toned down with matte pewter accents, including candelabras, cutlery, and drink ware. Bring some shimmer to your wedding reception with accessories such as sequin-topped tablecloths, jeweled napkin holders, and silver satin chair coverings. And as any glam bride knows, when the question is more sparkle, the answer is always yes.

Pretty Pale Pink Décor

pink wedding decor

Pink has been a popular color in the wedding world for decades, but utilizing on-trend rose quartz gives a modern look to a classic wedding décor palette. This feminine and romantic look combines ivory satin linens and fluffy fragrant flowers such as hydrangeas, peonies, and English roses in a variety of pink shades.

Woven ribbons with long, flowing tails provide a soft chair-covering option. Semi-translucent crepe paper lanterns in ivory and iced coffee — another top 10 Pantone color — bring an element of whimsy to this spring wedding reception idea and keeps it from looking dated.

Old Hollywood Glam

Black ties, red carpets, and vintage touches make an Old Hollywood Glam wedding the go-to wedding theme for sophisticated couples. Drawing inspiration from 1940’s Hollywood, the Old Hollywood Glam wedding reception theme combines a refined black and ivory pallete with oxblood red accents.

Bundles of fluffy white ostrich feathers replace traditional flowers for a wedding theme idea dripping with luxury. Gold -toned accessories, including place settings and candle holders, brighten the color palette. A quirky light-up custom marquee combined with soft lighting throughout your reception site complete the wedding theme, and will transport your guests to the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Elegant and Soft

elegant wedding decorAfter the hustle of wedding planning, you and your guests will enjoy relaxing in the most unlikely of places. Start with a color palette of jewel tones, like purple, emerald, and sapphire, in muted tint to combine sophistication and romance.

Bouquets of Ivory calla lilies, peonies, and roses accent the tables, along with delicate fluted champagne glasses, twinkling geometric candles, and sateen table linens.

Filament lights sparkle through sheer fabric draped from the ceiling, which provides some privacy for guests to enjoy plush couches and satin pillows decorating the space.

Comfortable, romantic, and relaxing, this wedding reception theme will make your guests feel at home.

Rustic and Classic

rustic wedding decorYou don’t have to be in the great outdoors to have a beautiful and natural rustic wedding theme.

Natural elements, like woven baskets for flowers, traditional carved wood seating, and burlap tablecloths, bring an organic touch to your wedding reception.

Soft lighting from freestanding candles, lanterns, and uncovered windows bring a romantic glow to floral arrangements with delicate Queen Anne’s Lace, cream chrysanthemums, Eucalyptus leaves, and fresh green succulents.

Guests can sip fruity mixed drinks from Mason jars while they enjoy a laid-back night of celebration.

No two weddings are exactly the same, but finding inspiration from wedding décor themes will help inspire you as you plan your wedding reception. Let these essential details spark ideas to create a wedding reception that’s uniquely you.

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