The Do’s and Don’ts Every Groom Should Know About

Your wedding day is very special and it is in every groom’s best intention to have the day move on smoothly. However, not so many couples manage to keep it that way.

As every wedding planner will tell you – always prepare for a hiccup. But one thing that they won’t tell you is that some hiccups may be so dire that you’re forced to run very late or postpone the wedding altogether.

Imagine a late cake delivery. Or undelivered groomsmen suits. These can send the whole event into jitters. But not if you do what’s right, and avoid the common, unseen mistakes.

Which ones exactly? Read on to find out.

Do: Always Voice Your Opinion

Back in the day, the man would go down on one knee, hope for a yes, then only be concerned with how his vows should be recited. Most of the wedding planning fell on the bride, her family, and her friends.

However, the modern-day groom chips in financially, physically, and emotionally. Statistics show that 92% of grooms have attributed to having helped in some aspect of the wedding planning compared to 83% a few years back.

Thus, since you have chipped in a bit of your energy into making the day a success, make sure your voice is heard. Chip in when the bride is talking about budgeting, venue, or even the guests list.

Don’t: Carry All the Load and Forget the Groomsmen

Listen, your groomsmen are your wing-men. When the burden gets too much, they should be available to offer you a shoulder for support.

So, learn to delegate. That’s why this group of people should be carefully selected in the first place.

So, what kind of work can they help you with? Finding accommodation for out-of-town relatives, ushering in guests at the reception, and cheering you on as you engage in the immense hustle of planning your wedding.

Do: Write Your Vows

If you want to impress your bride on the big day, then let her listen to your original version of the promise you intend to keep for the lifetime the two of you will be together.

This means writing your vows. And that needs time.

What you can do is gather some online content for inspiration, then, with a keen ear to your heart, write down what you feel are the right words to tell your bride on the special day.

Do: Dress Your Groomsmen

Statistics show that unlike brides, grooms have little hurry with their attire and that of their groomsmen. Particularly, the statistics show that tuxedos get purchased about 5-6 months after the wedding gown.

But this doesn’t mean any tuxedo should be ordered – or the attire of your choice thereof.

Take time and make sure you and your groomsmen are well dressed. This means that you should arrange for when and where they can do their fitting up to the kind of attire they’ll wear.

And if you don’t want a 100% uniform look, you can add a bit of personalization in the attire by, for instance, ordering personalized tie clips and money clips with each groomsman’s name engraved on it.

You can get uniform cuff-links from popular retailers like or get them personalized at a site like

Do: Make a List of All Tasks That Need to Be Done

This helps with delegation and time management. Take some time and note down all that needs to be done before the wedding. Then, together with your partner, delegate where necessary between yourselves and the groomsmen/bridesmaids.

This approach makes it easier to track the overall planning progress all through the course of the wedding.

Don’t: Have Your Bachelor Party the Night Before the Wedding

“But it feels so right. It’s my last night engaged”. Yes, but a terrible idea because of one huge reason – hangover.

Alcohol and bachelor parties are almost never divorced…But you can risk an early one if you get to the wedding with a hangover or worse – drunk.

So, tone it down with the boys. Better yet, plan it early – like a week before, thus keeping yourself energized for the long day you’ll have during your wedding.

Do: Eat Healthy

Yes, your diet all through the wedding planning process will matter a lot. The key reason for this is that diet tends to change once the body gets stressed. And amidst the business of planning for the big day, you can get mixed up eating fatty foods, lots of junk, or no food at all.

You should stay away from those.

Make sure your diet is balanced, you have a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, and your stress levels are at a manageable level. The wrong diet can have you bloated all through the reception.

Don’t Have Rigid Wedding Plans

The only sure thing about your wedding day is that you’ll be having a wife once all the merrymaking is done. But anything else about the specifics is bound to change at any moment.

Your wedding venue might be unavailable a week to the day, your suits might have to be changed to a different material, and your bride might feel a while later that the colors just don’t match.

So, be very flexible. Both you and your partner will have to learn how to compromise – so that everyone’s idea of a dream wedding gets a voice, and manage stress when one or two things fall out of place.

Do: Thank Your Groomsmen for Their Support

You must appreciate the effort put in by these guys to make your day a success. And the best way of doing this is by gifting them.

With what exactly? Well, a lot! There are a lot of options available when it comes to groomsmen gifts – and a lot of sellers too. The main takeaway here is that your gift should be personalized – most sellers allow you to engrave your groomsmen’s names to each gift, meaningful – clear effort and thought should be visible as far as choosing the gift is concerned, and fun – the boys must love it.

Don’t: Be Late With the Orders

Not every vendor runs a one-day delivery schedule. So, if you are not getting your cake, suit, or groomsmen gifts from Amazon Prime (and even if you are), be sure to place your order about a week or two before the wedding day.

This will give you enough buffer time to oversee the delivery and send faulty products back for replacement.





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