Planning the Perfect Summer Wedding and Some Great Ideas

summer wedding

Summer weddings are beautiful, warm and romantic! Whether you are planning a gorgeous morning wedding on the beach, or a mid-afternoon wedding in a beautiful garden, there are some important planning tips to take into consideration. Here are a few of our best tips on how to prepare the perfect summer wedding.

Summer Wedding Locations

Choosing the perfect spot for your summer wedding is the most important decision you will make. Your wedding planner should help you meet your vision as well as provide alternatives for unexpected weather conditions. You need to ensure that your guests are comfortable at all times and that there is enough shade for them, as well as yourselves as the bridal couple.

If your ceremony is outdoors, I suggest you be mindful of the time of the day for your guests, decor, and photos. It could be a very hot summer day, and you want to be prepared. Providing paper fans or umbrella’s is a lovely way to keep your guests cool and also add to your decor. Gardens and beaches are stunning options for your ceremony, while open tents and halls make lovely reception areas.

Outdoor Wedding Decor

The decor that you choose will greatly influence the atmosphere of your wedding. If you have an outdoor wedding, you may choose to have less decor or many other ideas as you can take advantage of the beautiful backdrop and setting that nature provides.

If you have fresh flowers, ensure that they are able to withstand the summer heat or that they are placed in the shade. Choose floral bouquets and arrangements that don’t have flowers that easily wilt.

You could keep things simple, light and elegant, or create a flower wall to wow your guests. Your focal point should be the beautiful summery surroundings and your decor choices should complement those surroundings.

Keep Your Wedding Dress Light

Your wedding dress, as well as your bridesmaids dresses should be cool and lightweight for a summer wedding. The last thing you want is to feel hot and flustered on your wedding day. Choose hairstyles that are up and away from your face and that your makeup is well set for the heat of the day. Let’s not forget about the men, who should also be able to take off their suit jackets after the formalities and enjoy the summer breeze in lightweight shirts.

Use Top Notch Catering

At any wedding, the catering service should be one of the most important points to focus on. Yes, your guests are there to celebrate your unity, but they also look forward to being treated to some good food and drinks throughout the reception.

If you are having food outside, ensure that your selection is suited to the summer heat. This should be obvious, but make sure to choose items that won’t spoil easily and that don’t need to be kept chilled for long periods of time.


Cheese and Wine Catering Services

Finger foods are always a great option, or choose cocktail sized snacks that can be kept on chilled platters or on ice. Keep your platters covered to keep bees and bugs away from the fresh food. Some excellent options are fresh fruits and veggies on skewers, cheese platters, cold seafood and gazpacho, which are all light and refreshing for hot summer days.

Drinks are just as important as your food, and a bar is always essential. Have a selection of refreshing non-alcoholic options as guests tend to drink a lot more in the heat. If you are looking for something different, try adding interesting frozen drinks to your bar menu. You can get creative and create your own signature cocktails and popsicles for a fun twist on your menu.

Your cake is another thing that is eagerly anticipated by your guests. If you are having a large cake of multiple layers and tiers, make sure that the venue has storage in their fridge or cold room to prevent your cake from melting. A great alternative to a cake is having something fun like an ice-cream bar, or cocktail sized desserts that are light and refreshing after a day of dancing and celebrating.

In Summary

A wedding is a beautiful event no matter what time of year you choose to have it. Summer weddings are gorgeous if you love the warm weather and flourishing gardens. Use nature to your advantage and make the most of the colors and sounds of the location that you choose.

Saying “I do” against the crashing of the waves, or in a garden of chirping birds can be most romantic. Remember to always take your guests needs into consideration when making decisions to make them comfortable and have a wonderful time.

Have fun with your summer wedding planning – you only get to plan your special day once!

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