Fun & Festive St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas


As March 17th approaches, enthusiasm for honoring Irish culture and heritage grows. Whether you’re hosting or attending a gathering, the success of any event depends on careful planning and ingenuity. Imagine converting your lawn into a lush green sanctuary, replete with shamrock decorations and traditional Irish music filling the air. This celebratory atmosphere not only builds a feeling of community, but it also provides lasting memories for friends and family. During the festivities, a feast service is required, providing wonderful Irish food to delight taste buds and improve the cultural experience. In this blog, we’ll look at some creative and simple party ideas to make your St. Patrick’s Day celebration an unforgettable event.


20 Unique St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

Looking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a party that’s more leprechaun than letdown? Whether you’re Irish or just have an Irish heart, throwing a Saint Patrick’s Day party is a great way to celebrate everything green and gold. Here are some innovative and easy-to-organize party ideas to make the best St. Patrick’s Day celebration a success!

1. Shamrock Shake Station: Make your own Shamrock Shake station to cool up your guests. Prepare a blender by adding vanilla ice cream, mint essence, and green food coloring. Let everyone personalize their shakes with whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry on top!


2. Themed Scavenger Hunt: St. Patrick’s Day-themed scavenger hunts allow you to channel your inner leprechaun. Hide gold money, green hats, and shamrock-shaped sweets throughout the house or yard. Provide clues that direct participants to each prize, and watch the fun emerge!


3. Present Irish Music: Create the ideal atmosphere with a playlist of traditional Irish songs. From vibrant jigs to heartfelt ballads, Irish music will put your guests in the mood to celebrate.


4. Irish Soda Bread Bake-off: Challenge your visitors to a fun competition of baking Irish soda bread. Provide the essential ingredients and let everyone put their own take on this popular dish. Prizes will be awarded for the most inventive loaf, the tastiest bread, and the finest presentation.


5. Blarney Stone Bounce: Convert a basic game of horseshoes into a Blarney Stone bounce challenge. Set up a target area and have players take turns throwing green stones or beanbags to see who can land the closest to the “Blarney Stone.” It’s a fun take on a traditional game that everyone will love.


6. Make Your Own Irish Bar: Turn your home into an Irish bar for the night. Create a makeshift bar with an assortment of Irish beers, whiskeys, and drinks. Decorate with green and gold accents, and invite visitors to socialize and enjoy the comfortable atmosphere.


7. Dance: No St. Patrick’s Day celebration is complete without some dancing! Clear some room and turn up your favorite Irish music. Whether it’s a classic ceilidh dance or a brisk jig, urge everyone to kick up their heels and have some fun.


8. Lucky Charms Snacks: Finish the evening on a sweet note with handmade Lucky Charms snacks. Melt marshmallows and butter, then whisk in Lucky Charms cereal for a wonderfully delicious dessert that will make everyone feel lucky.


9. Leprechaun Bookmarks Craft: Get creative with a leprechaun bookmark-making station. Set out items such as green construction paper, markers, glitter, and googly eyes. Allow your visitors to express their creativity by designing their own fortunate bookmarks to take home.


10. Pot of Gold treasure Hunt: Begin the party with an exciting treasure hunt for a pot of gold! Hide gold money or sweets throughout your party room and send your guests on a treasure hunt. The person who finds the pot of gold may earn a unique award, bringing an added level of excitement to the party.


11. Set up a Photo Booth: With a St. Patrick’s Day-themed photo booth, you can capture Irish luck. Decorate it with green decorations, shamrocks, and leprechaun hats, and watch your visitors strike a pose and make memorable memories.


12. Shamrock Charcuterie: Get inventive with your food by making a shamrock-shaped charcuterie board. Arrange green grapes, cheese cubes, olives, and other festive foods in the shape of a shamrock for a visually stunning and tasty snack.

13. Whiskey Tasting: Celebrate the Irish spirit with a whiskey tasting session. Set up a tasting station with a choice of Irish whiskeys and allow your visitors to experience the flavors while learning about the rich history of Irish whiskey.


14. Bake Something Green: Get your bake on and prepare some green delights for your celebration. From green cupcakes to shamrock-shaped cookies, let your creativity go wild and add some green to your dessert buffet.


15. Counting Clovers: Involve your visitors in a game of counting clovers. Scatter paper clovers about your party area and see who can locate the most. It’s a simple yet interesting exercise that will keep everyone involved.


16. Decorate with DIY Crafts: Make your own St. Patrick’s Day decorations for your celebration. From paper leprechaun hats to sparkling shamrocks, let your imagination run wild and add a personal touch to your décor.


17. Irish Cooking Class: Host an Irish cooking class and teach your visitors how to prepare traditional Irish cuisine. From colcannon to Irish soda bread, this is a fun and participatory way to celebrate Irish culture while eating excellent cuisine.


18. Irish Meat Pies: Treat your visitors to some substantial Irish meat pies. These pies, packed with scrumptious meat and vegetables, are guaranteed to be a success at your St. Patrick’s Day celebration.


19. Leprechaun Party: Use creative décor and green accents to transform your party room into a leprechaun’s dream. Encourage your guests to dress up like leprechauns and celebrate the magical theme of the day.


20. Serve Irish Foods: Give your visitors a taste of Ireland with a variety of classic Irish foods. Serve traditional dishes including corned beef and cabbage, shepherd’s pie, and colcannon (mashed potatoes with cabbage). Don’t forget to add some soda bread for a genuine touch!


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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Belvedere’s delectable feast!

Looking for a great way to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day? Look no farther than Belvedere. We have everything you need for a celebratory feast, regardless of the size of your party.


Full-Service Feast for the Party People ($31 per person, minimum of 50 guests):

Planning a huge party? We have you covered!  For just $31 per person (minimum of 50 guests), we’ll bring the party to you. Our full-service catering package contains all of the classics.


  • The Classics: We’ll provide all the St. Patrick’s Day classics, including succulent corned beef, fluffy boiled potatoes, and delicious cabbage.

  • Bread Basket: Soak up the deliciousness with fresh pumpernickel and sourdough bread.

  • Condiments include butter, horseradish, and mustard for a taste explosion.

  • Sweet Ending: Finish it off with a slice of homemade apple pie.

  • Coffee: Keep the celebration going with a hot cup of coffee.


Drop Off Package

Our Drop Off Package is ideal for feeding a group of friends and family. For about $23.99 per person (minimum purchase of 5 persons), you can have a comprehensive St. Patrick’s Day lunch that includes:


  • Savory Corned Beef is the star of the show!

  • Boiled potatoes are a typical Irish side dish.

  • Hearty cabbage is another typical Irish dish.

  • Sliced pumpernickel and sourdough bread, ideal for stacking high with corned meat.

  • Creamy butter, zesty horseradish & tangy mustard will satisfy all of your condiment demands.


Love Corned Beef Sandwiches?

Not a problem! We have them too. Our Corned Beef Sandwiches are packed high with 6oz of excellent corned beef and served on pumpernickel or sourdough bread. They are just $13.29 apiece, with horseradish and mustard on the side (minimum order of 12 sandwiches).


Feeling fancy? Try the Reuben! Upgrade your corned beef sandwich to a Reuben for just $15. We’ll add melty Swiss cheese, pungent sauerkraut, and creamy 1000 Island dressing.


Need Only The Meat?

We also have corned beef available by the pound! Select from:

  • Harrington’s Flat Classic Cut is ideal for slicing and serving. ($25.99/Lb)

  • Harrington’s Sandwich Cut is ready to go for great sandwiches. ($18.99/Lb)

  • Harrington’s Whole Brisket: Feed an army! ($23.99/Lb)

  • Do not forget the carrots! For around $2 per person, you may add a festive touch to your supper by serving carrots.



As we conclude our examination of St. Patrick’s Day party ideas, it is evident that there is a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow of festivities! Celebrating this festival can be a lot of fun, with traditional Irish meals and fun-filled activities. Whether you’re having a small gathering or a large party, adding some distinctive touches will help your event stand out. How about creating a DIY photo booth with green decorations to capture some great moments? Or how about creating a scavenger hunt with shamrock clues placed throughout your home? Don’t forget the food for the St. Patrick’s day party! Create a fantastic Irish-inspired meal, or check out Belvedere’s St. Patrick’s Day Feast for some creative and great culinary ideas. No matter how you choose to celebrate, remember to wear a little green (so you don’t get pinched!), turn up the Irish music, and get ready for a shamrockin’ good time! So Why late? Contact today and order your feast of St. Patrick’s Day with Belvedere. 

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