Perks of Hiring A Wedding Planner

Congratulations! You’ve gotten engaged to the love of your life and now it’s time to start planning the wedding! It’s the most exciting time….and for some, the most stressful. It feels like you have a million things on your to-do list, and they all have to be done RIGHT NOW.

You can relieve a lot of that stress by hiring an experienced wedding planner to help you prioritize your lists and do most of the heavy lifting. Wedding planners are great (why thank you!) They have the experience in working with many engaged couples and has worked with people that come to them with a variety of budgets, demands, wish lists…A wedding planner can help you choose the perfect wedding date and location, and will be there for any questions you come up with. Especially those 3 a.m. ones!

Once you’ve chosen a date, where you get married is the next most important choice. Your wedding planner can help you choose the venue and assist in giving you an overview of what you’ll need for each space you look at and how those items will look. Wedding planner come with a built in network of rental companies, floral designers, transportation contacts and suggestions of where to set up menu tastings. Well connected planners will save you hours of research.

Even better, your planner will have connections to vendors and will be able to work out the best rates for you. Your vendors will be a huge part of your big day, so having a wedding planner to help you with what vendors to use will be very helpful. They can help from start to finish, from finding a vendor through to contract negotiation.

A good wedding planner won’t leave you once the deals are done! They will also help you during your rehearsal. What is better than having someone else run the show, while you get to hug long-distance relatives and have the chance to enjoy yourself?! Your wedding planner will be there to show you how the ceremony will run on the big day.

At the end of the night, your planner will be there to help you pack up. As much as you’d love to simply run off as a newly married couple, there are gifts and cards from guests, your bouquet, the cake topper…so many items you won’t want to leave behind. Your planner will take the lead on making sure everything gets packed up and makes it back to your family’s home or packed into your car after the party.

Perhaps the BEST part about having a wedding planner? If something goes wrong (it won’t!) everyone will run to your planner and not you, and they will intuitively know how to handle anything that might come up.

The right wedding planner will ensure you have a flawless wedding from start to finish!

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