Maid of Honor Duties

Duties of a Maid of HonorBeing chosen as your friend’s Maid of Honor is major compliment, but it also comes with some significant responsibilities. You are, in a very real sense, the bride’s confidante and comrade in arms and you will have an important role to play throughout the entire wedding planning process.

As maid of honor your duties will be extensive, and much of the success of the wedding will depend on you. So, it’s not a position to be taken lightly.

Now, before the panic sets in, take a deep breath. Yes, the maid of honor’s duties are extensive. But we’ve got you covered.

Here is a handy checklist to help guide you through your duties as the Maid of Honor.

Leader of the Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids DressesAs maid of honor, you are the leader of the bridesmaids and it is your job to direct them through all of their duties. You will be expected to help them choose their wedding attire, including jewelry and shoes, and it will also be your responsibility to see that all of the bridesmaids attend rehearsals and are on time for the wedding service itself.

It will also be your job to delegate jobs amongst the bridesmaids, such as coordinating the wedding shower and planning the bachelorette party.

Shopping for the Bridal Gown

One of the Maid of Honor’s most important duties is to help the bride shop for her gown. You will be expected to attend fittings, and to help select the bride’s accessories. You should also be prepared to give constructive criticism, so the bride will look her best on the big day.

Pre-Wedding Tasks

There is much to do when planning a wedding and the Maid of Honor should be ready to help at all times. That includes addressing invitations, working out the menu for the receptions, choosing the wedding cake, and selecting the wedding décor.

In short, be prepared to lend a hand whenever you are needed.

Pre-Wedding Parties

As Maid of Honor you will be expected to attend all of the pre-wedding parties, and to plan the bridal shower and bachelorette party. When planning the bridal shower, don’t forget to delegate certain responsibilities to the bridesmaids. They will want to be involved, and it will lighten your own workload.

Gifts and Registries

Wedding FavorsIt is the Maid of Honor’s responsibility to inform the wedding guests of the bridal registry.

It is also her job to keep a record of all the gifts received at the wedding shower and reception so that everyone receives a ‘thank you’ note in a timely fashion.

On the Day

Come the wedding day, it is the Maid of Honor’s job to make sure all of the bridesmaids are dressed and on time. You will also be expected to help with the bride’s gown and make-up, arranging her train and veil before and after she walks down the aisle. During the ceremony you will hold the bridal bouquet while the couple exchanges vows. Immediately following the ceremony, you should expect to take your place beside the groom in the receiving line.

The Reception

During the reception it is your job, along with the other bridesmaids, to act as hostesses throughout the party. You will be expected to show people to their seats, direct them to the guest book, and show them where to put the wedding gifts.

It is also the Maid of Honor’s responsibility to collect any gift envelopes, and keep them safe until after the reception.

The Maid of Honor should also be prepared to give a toast or make a short speech, and don’t forget you will be expected to dance with the best man as well as the groom.

The Bride’s Confidante

This is the most important role you will be expected to play, from the moment you are chosen as Maid of Honor. Weddings are emotional experiences, and it is your job to be a good listener and a smart advisor to the bride.

Yours is the shoulder she will cry on, and you will be the person she turns to in times of stress. Be prepared to give emotional support at all times, and to keep the bride’s mood up and cheerful during those stressful moments that area all too common during the run up to the wedding day.

In many ways the Maid of Honor is the calm center of an emotional whirlwind, and it is your job to see that the bride has the wedding of her dreams.

When you are asked to be a Maid of Honor, be prepared to answer the challenge. The duties of a Maid of Honor are many, and your attention to detail will help to ensure the perfect wedding for bride and groom.

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