New Weeding Trends 2014

Exciting New Wedding Trends for 2014

As 2013 comes to a close, it’s time once again to look into the future and see what new wedding trends are in store for the newlyweds of 2014. Tastes and trends are always changing, whether it’s new technology or designer fashions, and weddings are no different. Every year the arbiters of fashion offer new and exciting designs for wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses, wedding planners unveil new themes and styles, and caterers explore new ways to wow the wedding party with extravagant cakes and unique culinary experiences. Let’s look at some hot new trends for weddings, and see what 2014 has in store for the happy couple.

Wedding Themes for 2104

Whether overt or subtle, themed weddings are always popular, and that trend is set to continue into the new year. 2014 will see the return of some popular themes as seen on Pinterest, as well as trends that reflect the cultural zeitgeist of the year. The following is just a sampling of the popular wedding themes we’ll be seeing in the new year.

  • Vintage – Everything old is new again, and vintage themed weddings continue to be popular with both brides and grooms. The romantic atmosphere of the wedding day is easily enhanced by incorporating vintage design touches in the bride and grooms attire, and including vintage and distressed items in the reception décor.
  • Bohemian – Pop culture is currently embracing a return to nature and a new appreciation of simplicity. Bohemian themed weddings reflect the individuality of the wedding couple, and embraces an all natural approach to the wedding attire and the receptions décor. Think long flowing hair for the bride and bridesmaids, and a profusion of wild flowers for the reception.
  • Pop Art – Color and youthful energy are the prime motivators here. Bright solid colors, and trendy dresses for the bridesmaids offset the traditional white wedding dress of the bride. Receptions are an explosion of color and movement, taking their cue from trendy nightclubs.
  • Tre Elegante – Elegant weddings are always in style, and 2014 will be no different. Traditional wedding attire for the the bride and groom, and an elegant décor for the reception speaks of the style and taste that never goes out of fashion.

Wedding Décor

In 2014 less will be more. Whatever the theme, the trend for the new year in décor will be reserved and understated. Even if you’re planning a pop art themed wedding, you will want to be strategic with your decorations or even make them personal. The idea is to let the colors speak for themselves, and to not overwhelm the guests with an avalanche of decorations. These are some of the decorating trends that will take center stage in 2014.

  • Rustic – This harkens back to the bohemian themed wedding. Rustic, and often mismatched, fabrics can be used to decorated the event space, providing a natural and relaxed atmosphere. Tablescapes rely on old-timey accents, like mason jars, to bring home the rustic theme.
  • Vintage – A few antique pieces of furniture always lends a wedding a sense of style. Whether your wedding theme is elegant or casual, vintage furniture and antique accents, adds a sense of permanence and solidity to the proceedings. Vintage accents can be anything from an antique loveseat to a beloved grandmother’s well traveled steamer trunk.
  • Bistro Lighting – Strings of low level lights help to create an intimate and romantic atmosphere, much like a French bistro. This is perfect for smaller wedding receptions. One tip, however, for couples thinking about special lighting features for their reception. Be sure to check with your event space about any restrictions concerning lighting and electrical features. Venues have strict regulations that they must follow, and not every venue will be able to accommodate unique lighting features. That being said, some venues may provide a choice of lighting fixtures for their customers.

Every year brings with it a fresh array of wedding trends. Of course, the important thing to remember is that this is your wedding day, and the theme and décor should match your desires not those of the wedding planner. Let the style of your wedding reflect your taste and interests, and you are guaranteed to be happy with the results.

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