Planning Your Next Club Gathering and Events Venue

Clubs and civic groups routinely stage regional meetings, awards nights and general celebrations for their members. Whether it’s a scouting group, a young entrepreneurs club or a charitable organization, local and regional chapters often find occasions to gather and celebrate the years accomplishments, renew old acquaintances and develop club strategies. The planning and coordination of these gatherings can be time consuming, but choosing the right events venue can put club organizers firmly on the path to a successful function.

What to Look for in a Venue

When choosing a venue for your next club function, there are a few basic considerations to put at the top of your list. First, you will need to know how many people will be attending your gathering. This will help you to decide on a budget, which will be instrumental in all decisions concerning the venue and the services it provides. Setting strict budgetary limits early can also help you to keep costs under control.

Before considering any hired venue for your affair, it is important to determine what type of event you are hosting. If, for example, it is an annual awards ceremony for the regional chapters of your club, you will want a large hall that is suitable for a banquet. In this instance you might want a room with an elegant arrangement of tables, complete with linen tablecloths and centerpieces. If you are planning a less formal get together, you may choose an event space that is minimally furnished, allowing freedom of movement so your guests can mingle and chat with one another. For these less formal gatherings, many events venues can offer gardens that are ideal for cocktail parties or light buffets.

The next consideration when choosing an event space is location. If you will be hosting members from the out of town chapters of your club or organization, you will want to select a venue that is conveniently located to the major hotel chains and airports. This will make it easier for your guests to find lodging close to the event, and will minimize their travel requirements once they arrive.

Whenever you are considering a hired venue for an event, you should take the time to visit the establishment itself. Sit down with the event coordinator and work through a list of any special equipment or services that you may need for your gathering. This might include audio/visual equipment, podiums, lighting features or extra display tables. While you are visiting the potential venue, get a good look around at the facilities themselves, and assure yourself that they provide adequate parking, restrooms and security.

Catering Services

Depending on the type of event you are planning, you may want to consider some form of catering service. Relying on the event venues own on-site caterer is not only convenient, but it can save you money in the long run. The venue’s own catering service should be able to meet all of your menu needs, from a light brunch to a full course meal. Your choice of menu will be largely determined by the type of event you are hosting, as well as your budget restrictions. The catering chef should be able to offer menu suggestions to match the style of your event, and should be able to provide a tasting menu of available selections. While discussing the menu for your event, be sure to ask the chef about the availability of vegetarian options for those club members who do not eat meat. When planning any menu, you want to be sure every guest is looked after properly.

Depending on the type of club function you are planning, you may want to consider having an open bar available for your guests. If so, you will want to check that the venue is licensed to serve alcohol, and that they can provide the necessary bartenders and waitstaff that will be needed on the day of your event.

Planning a large gathering for your club or civic group requires a lot of coordination, and as the club’s organizer you may find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed. But with the right choice of venue, you can be sure that the planning of your club’s event gets off to a great start. While you concentrate on scheduling presentations and sending out invitations, you can rely on the venue’s staff and catering personnel to ensure that your club’s function will be a both memorable, and successful.

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