Choosing the Flower Girl

Flower GirlWhen planning a wedding, couples always like to include as many of their nearest and dearest friends and family members as possible. Grooms typically choose a brother or childhood friend to be their best man, while brides are likely to turn to their sisters and best girlfriends to be their maids of honor. Deciding on who to include in your wedding party can often be a difficult decision, particularly when there are children involved. But at some point in the wedding planning process, it will be necessary to decide who will be your flower girl, and to prepare her for her role in the ceremony. The flower girl is a key part of any traditional wedding ceremony, and too often couples leave the choice of flower girl until late in the planning stages. Let’s look at a few tips for choosing a flower girl, and helping her get ready for her role in the wedding ceremony.

What is a Flower Girl

The flower girl is typically a child between the ages of four and nine. More often than not, she is directly related to either the bride or the bride groom. The flower girl may be a younger sister, or a beloved niece or cousin. In some cases the flower girl may be a family friend, but most often it is a blood relative. During the wedding ceremony, the flower girl follows behind the bridesmaids carrying a basket of flowers, which she scatters along the aisle as she goes.

Choosing a Flower Girl

For some couples the choice of flower girl may be obvious. If there is only one young girl of suitable age in the family than the job will naturally fall to her. However, couples with larger families may find that there are several suitable candidates for the role of flower girl, in which case it may be difficult to choose. But not to worry, there is no hard and fast rule that says a wedding party can’t have more than one flower girl. In fact, having two or three flower girls often makes it easier for the children involved. Being the center of attention can be unsettling for some youngsters, and by having two or three flower girls you can help to diffuse the situation and give the girls a sense of camaraderie.

Preparing the Flower Girl

Everyone in the wedding party has certain responsibilities, and even adults can get nervous about their respective roles. One of the best ways to prepare the flower girl for her role in the wedding, is to give her a book about weddings and flower girls. This will help her learn about the flower girl’s responsibilities, and will get her excited about the wedding itself. On the day of the wedding, be sure to seat the flower girl’s parents on the aisle, usually near the front, so she can clearly see them as she makes her way down the aisle. This will have a calming effect on the child, and will give her familiar faces to focus on.

The Flower Girl’s Dress

The flower girl’s dress is typically a miniature version of the bridal gown, or a white version of the bridesmaid dresses. That being said, any dress that is comfortable, attractive, and that ties into the theme of the wedding will do. Flower girl’s dresses are usually found at bridal shops, though they can also be purchased at children’s clothing stores or even department stores. The parents of the flower girl usually pay for the dress, so look for something relatively inexpensive.

The role of the flower girl is one of the sweetest, and most charming, aspects of any traditional wedding. When choosing your flower girl, keep in mind that this is a child and take extra time to explain her role in the ceremony. Don’t put too much pressure on her, and remember to make her role fun and exciting. With a little care, you just might find that your flower girl will steal the hearts of all of your guests.

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