Bridesmaid Gifts – The Four W’s of Bridal Gift Giving

Bridemaids Gifts

Your bridesmaids put a lot of time and effort into making your wedding day everything you hoped it would be, so naturally you want to give a little something back.

Giving gifts to the bridal party is a long standing tradition, and it’s something you don’t want to forget. But finding the right gift for your bridesmaids can be challenging, especially with all of the other wedding preparations occupying your time.

But not to worry. We’ve got some simple tips to help you find the perfect gifts for the bridal party. The four W’s of bridal gift giving will help you select gifts your bridesmaids will love and cherish for years to come.

When To Start Shopping

First of all, there are no set rules on when to start shopping for your bridesmaids gifts. However, as with any aspect of planning your wedding, earlier is always better.

As the wedding day gets closer, your time and attention is going to be taken up with last minute decisions. You’re likely going to be more than a little flustered and anxious, so the less you have to worry about the better. As a general rule of thumb, you should start shopping for your bridesmaids gifts at least a month or two prior to the wedding.

If you give yourself a few months leeway, you’ll have plenty of time to keep an eye out for some fabulous gifts. Think about your bridesmaids gifts while setting up your registry, and look online for great deals on gift items. When you find something suitable, don’t hesitate to pick it up and get a gift or two out of the way.

What to Spend

How much you spend on your bridesmaids gifts will largely depend on your wedding budget. That being said, this is not an area where you want to economize. Remember, your bridesmaids are putting a lot of time and effort into your wedding, and you want to show your appreciation accordingly.

One thing to keep in mind, is how much your bridal party is financially contributing to your wedding. For example, they may be paying for plane tickets, booking hotel rooms, and buying their own dresses and shoes for the wedding. Your bridesmaids will also be spending a fair amount of money on your bridal shower and hen night.

Now, shopping for bridesmaid gifts should never be a financial tit for tat, but you should spend appropriately. As a general rule, you should expect to spend $75 to $150 per bridesmaid.

Naturally, you’ll want to be a bit more extravagant when it comes to the maid of honor, as she is a key figure in the wedding party and has a great deal of responsibility.

What to Give

Deciding what gifts to give your bridesmaids is never easy, and will require some thought. But there are a few tips that should help. First of all, you want to find something personal for each bridesmaid.

This isn’t a one size fits all scenario, and each gift will require a bit of thought. You want your bridesmaids to know that you took the time to find a gift specifically for them.

Often, brides will give their bridesmaids something they can wear during the wedding ceremony. This isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but you need to consider whether the item will be of value to your bridesmaids after the ceremony.

You want to give them something they will use and cherish for years to come. Not something they will wear on your wedding day, and store in a closet for the next 30 years.

If you do decide to give your bridesmaids something to wear during the wedding ceremony, consider a piece of jewelry or a stylish clutch that can be worn and enjoyed after the big day.

Of course, bridesmaids gift do not need to be wedding specific. Anything is suitable, if it is useful or creative and chosen with care. When you go shopping for your bridesmaids gifts, ask yourself a simple question: “Is this something I would want?”. Let that question be your guide when choosing appropriate gifts for your bridal party.

When to Give the Gifts

Finally, we come to the time of gift giving. Traditionally, brides present their bridesmaids with gifts at the rehearsal dinner. Typically, the bride will give a toast to their bridesmaids and present them with their gifts one by one.

For a change of pace, you might consider scheduling a bridal luncheon just for the girls. You get a little time together free from the demands of wedding planning, and you can present each member of the bridal party with their gift.

Your bridesmaids are an important part of your wedding day, and you want to show your appreciation accordingly. When it comes time to start shopping for bridesmaids gifts, let the four W’s be your guide.

Take some time to find the perfect gift for each member of your bridal party, and don’t skimp on cost. Remember, these are the people you have chosen to stand with you on one of the most significant days of your life. Reward them with a gift they will love and cherish for years to come.

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