The Boutonniere – Wedding Flowers aren’t Just for the Bride

Wedding BoutinerreWhen it comes to ordering wedding flowers most people think of two things – the bridal bouquet and the general décor of the wedding venue.

But wedding flowers aren’t reserved exclusively for the bride and her bridesmaids, nor are they merely a decoration for the wedding premises.

The groom, and his groomsmen, also have a vested interest in the choice of flowers for the wedding day. Yes, the wedding day boutonniere is an important component of the grooms attire, and as such deserves a little of the same attention that is routinely paid to the bride’s bouquet.

While it may not be as striking or impressive as the bridal bouquet, the groom’s boutonniere has a long history in the traditional wedding.

Like the traditional bridal bouquet, it is more than simply decoration. It is a representation of life and renewal that is so much a part of the wedding ceremony.

So, what should the groom look for in his wedding day boutonniere? Here a few simple tips to help the groom choose the perfect wedding day boutonniere.

Choosing the Right Flower

The heart of any good boutonniere is a single, perfect, bloom. Regardless of the flower you choose, you want to make a bold statement with the color and shape of the blossom.

Coordinate your choice with the flowers incorporated into the bridal bouquet. Typically, these will be seasonal flowers, as they will be more readily available and will offer the more robust blossom.

For those grooms who may have an aversion to strong scented flowers, a cone flower can serve as a stylish alternative.

Accents are Everything

While the blooming flower is the heart of the boutonniere, the added accents really make the final presentation. Traditionally, these accents would typically be a silk wrap with a plain or adorned stick pin to hold the boutonniere in place.

But as we’ve seen with so much of traditional wedding style, trends change. Today, boutonniere accents can take many different forms. For example, you might incorporated a college pin into the design of your boutonniere.

Or you may choose to forgo the traditional silk wrap for something more masculine, like a twist of wire or a dried bramble. Whatever accent you choose, it should reflect your personality, as well as enhance your choice of flower.

Alternatives to the Flowered Boutonniere

Some grooms may prefer an alternative to the tradition flower boutonniere. Perhaps they are allergic, or simply aren’t too terribly fond of pinning a flower to their lapel. Whatever the reason may be, there are many creative alternatives to the tradition wedding boutonniere.

Again, your personality should be your guide. Boutonnieres can be created using a variety of nontraditional items, such as feathers, cinnamon sticks, or twigs. If you and your bride are particularly adventurous, you might choose to incorporate a small keepsake or collectible into your boutonniere.

Coordinate With Your Groomsmen

Your groomsmen will also need boutonnieres. If you are sticking with the traditional flower based boutonniere, coordinate the colors and blooms with all of the men in your wedding party.

Boutinierre Groomsmen

The groom’s boutonniere should take pride of place, so the groomsmen should have a different shade of flower to differentiate them from the man of the moment.

If you are going the nontraditional route, let your imagination be your guide. But keep the boutonnieres related, either by style or content.

A Final Handy Tip

A final tip for the groom concerning his boutonniere. The wedding day is always hectic, and it is always wise to prepare for any contingency.

Have two boutonnieres made so that there is a backup in case one is damaged or mislaid on the wedding day. You don’t want to find yourself dressed and ready to take your place on the wedding dais, only to find that you have lost your boutonniere.

As someone once said, “take two, there small”.

The groom’s boutonniere may not get as much attention as the bridal bouquet, but it is still an important part of the wedding preparations. After all, you want to look especially sharp on your wedding day.

So, gentlemen, spend some time finding the perfect boutonnieres for yourself and for your groomsmen. Don’t be shy about looking your best on the big day.

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