How to Make Speech Unforgettable : 6 Best Man Speech Ideas, Examples and Tips


As the confetti falls and champagne glasses clink in excitement, all eyes shift to the man of the hour—the Best Man. The Best Man is tasked with more than just safeguarding the rings; he is also responsible for making a speech that captures the essence of friendship, love, and fun. Crafting the ideal Best Man speech is an art, an opportunity to entertain the audience with tales, humor, and sincere emotions that will be remembered for years to come. This blog will take you on a trip through the art of writing the best Best Man speech, examining six outstanding concepts supported by examples and essential tips.

So, let us raise our glasses to the art of storytelling, the strength of friendship, and the time-honored tradition of the Best Man speech. But, before we get into the topic, let’s take a quick look at why Best Man Speech matters.

Why is the Best Man Speech Important?

The Best Man speech is a beloved tradition at weddings, acting as a critical moment that may take the party to new heights. While some may regard the Best Man presentation as an enjoyable activity to do between suppers, its significance goes much beyond mere entertainment. Here are some of the reasons why this speech will live on in the hearts of both the newlyweds and their guests:

  • Celebrating Love: It allows for real thoughts about the newlyweds’ love, giving a meaningful and emotional aspect to the festivities.
  • Setting the Tone: The Best Man speech frequently sets the tone for the evening, bringing energy, positivism, and a sense of celebration to the wedding festivities.
  • Honoring Relationship: The speech is an opportunity to demonstrate the depth of the Best Man’s relationship with the groom, commemorating shared memories and experiences.
  • Entertaining the Audience: A well-crafted speech injects humor and amusement into the event, making it more entertaining for the visitors.
  • Creating Wonderful Memories: An impressive speech becomes an unforgettable component of the wedding event, creating lasting memories on the couple and their guests.

Do’s and Don’ts of a Best Man Speech

Certainly! Giving a best man speech is a big job, and you have to find the proper combination of humor, emotion, and appropriateness. Here are some things to remember while writing and giving a best-man speech:


  • Be Prepared: Plan your speech ahead of time. Consider the couple’s connection, your shared experiences, and what makes them unique.
  • Begin by thanking the couple for selecting you as best man and expressing thanks for being a part of their wonderful day.
  • Keep it Positive: Share uplifting and positive stories about the pair. Highlight their abilities, accomplishments, and the love they share.
  • Humor with Caution: Inject humor, but keep the audience in mind. Avoid rude or humiliating stuff and avoid inside jokes that could offend guests.
  • Speak from the Heart: Infuse your words with true feelings. Discuss your relationship with the groom as well as your opinions about their love story.
  • Greet the Bride: Congratulate the bride and convey your joy that the groom has found his life companion. Include a few touching remarks about her.
  • Toast with Sincerity: Finish your speech with a heartfelt toast. Raise your glass in celebration of the couple’s happiness and future together.


  • Avoid TMI (Too Much Information): Avoid discussing too intimate or humiliating anecdotes about the groom. Maintain your prudence.
  • Stay Sober: It’s fine to take a drink before the speech, but avoid overdoing it. You want to be consistent and in command.
  • Long-winded Speeches: Keep it short and to the point. A best man speech should be no more than 5 minutes long. Keep the audience’s attention.
  • Offensive Jokes: Avoid any content that might offend the couple, their families, or the guests. Be cognizant of cultural differences.
  • Avoid Roasts: While humor is welcomed, avoid turning the speech into a roast. The idea is to honor the couple rather than to disgrace them.
  • Don’t Be Fast: Speak clearly and slowly. Take your time to ensure that your remarks are understood and valued.
  • Don’t Procrastinate: Begin working on your speech as soon as possible to minimize last-minute tension. This enables you to fine-tune your ideas and offer a passionate message.

6 Best Man Speech Ideas, Examples and Tips

1. The Nostalgic Journey

Take a trip down memory lane with the groom and reminisce about all the amazing moments and experiences that have shaped him into the awesome dude he is today.


Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon! Today, I am honored to stand before you as the best man of the groom. I am here to share some of my fondest memories of our journey together, from the days when our biggest concern was conquering the latest video game levels to the moments that solidified our bond.

The groom and I have shared a tapestry of experiences throughout the years, from epic road trips that tested the boundaries of our friendship to the small moments that have made our bond stronger. I am excited to paint a picture of the incredible person we are all gathered here to celebrate.

2. The Epic Love Story

The idea behind this is to narrate the beautiful love story of the couple, while highlighting the special moments that led to their wedding day.


Their love story began when they serendipitously met each other and instantly connected. Over time, their bond only grew stronger as they shared countless moments of joy and laughter, and exchanged countless heartfelt text messages. As I stand here, looking at them today, I can’t help but marvel at the incredible journey that [Groom] and [Bride] have been through. Their love story is nothing short of a modern-day fairy tale, filled with magical moments, unforgettable memories, and unconditional love.

3. Lightly Roast

Are you looking to add some laughter and humor to your wedding reception? Consider incorporating a Hilarious Roast into your festivities! A Hilarious Roast is a light-hearted way to poke fun at the groom with humorous anecdotes, all while ensuring that the jokes are good-natured and don’t cause any embarrassment.


When I sought directions, he confidently gestured in two opposite ways, leaving me utterly confused. However, in the grand journey of life, he navigated towards [Bride], proving that love is the true North. Together, they’ve not only found each other but also discovered the perfect path, heading towards a lifetime of shared adventures and happiness.

4. The Heartfelt Advice

One great suggestion to offer to newlyweds is to provide them with heartfelt and valuable advice based on your own experiences. This can be an excellent way to convey your love and support for the happy couple, while also sharing your wisdom and insights with them. Whether you choose to offer tips on communication, conflict resolution, or other aspects of married life, your advice can be a valuable resource for the newlyweds as they begin their journey together.


Marriage is a beautiful yet complex journey that is full of both joyous moments and challenging times. As you both embark on this journey together, always remember to cherish and celebrate the wonderful moments, support each other through the difficult times, and never forget that laughter can be the powerful glue that holds your relationship together. It’s important to communicate openly and honestly, respect each other’s individuality, and always prioritize your love and commitment towards each other.

5. The Shared Passion

In order to add a personal touch to your wedding speech, you may want to consider highlighting a shared passion or interest between you, the groom, and possibly even the bride. Doing so will help to emphasize the unique bond that the couple shares and make your speech even more memorable.


From the beautiful memories of exploring the great outdoors together, to the moment when the Bride surprised the Groom with an unforgettable camping trip, it is clear that these two are not only partners in life, but also companions in adventure. May the journey of your marriage be filled with as much excitement, wonder, and joy as your favorite hiking trails.

6. Personal Touch

Share personal and heartwarming stories that highlight the groom’s exceptional character and the close bond that you both share.


Over the course of [number] years, I have been incredibly fortunate to have [Groom] in my life. He is one of the most authentic and kind-hearted individuals I have ever met. Whether it’s providing a listening ear during late-night conversations or demonstrating small yet meaningful gestures of kindness, [Groom] has always been the friend that you can consistently rely on. [Bride], as you embark on this new journey together, you can rest assured knowing that [Groom] will continue to provide you with unwavering support and love for a lifetime.

Tips for Making Your Best Man Speech Memorable

Tip 1: Get the Opening Line Right

The first word of your best man speech sets the tone for the whole speech. A memorable beginning sentence is amusing, catches the reader’s attention, and frequently ends with a twist.


(Groom) didn’t have an easy decision to make in selecting his best man.” He began by calling his most successful friend, who declined. Then he summoned his wisest buddy, who declined. Then he asked his most handsome friend, who likewise declined. Then he called, and I told him, ‘(groom), I can’t say no to you four times.

Tip 2: Tell Hilarious Jokes

Humour is an important component of a great best man speech. It is, nevertheless, critical to establish a balance and avoid rude or provocative jokes. Instead, focus on making fun of yourself or telling embarrassing anecdotes about yourself and the groom. You may also include friendly competition and highlight the groom’s abilities.


(Bride), you’re so stunning that you make [groom] look… [successful, famous, or wealthy]?” (Bride), you’re the luckiest person on the planet to have someone like my (friend, brother, etc.) on your side. [Groom] is so handsome, so thoughtful, so modest… [Groom], I’m sorry, I can’t read your handwriting here.

Tip 3: Include a few one-liners

Funny one-liners are an excellent technique to energize your audience and keep their interest throughout your best man speech.


(Bride), you look stunning. (Groom), you appear stunned.

Tip 4: Think About Your Relationship

The bond between you and the groom is one of the most important components of a best man speech. Create an emotional and memorable occasion by tailoring your speech to represent this relationship.


  • Older Brother Getting Married: Stick to one or two icebreaker insults and highlight how much of a role model the groom has established for you.
  • Younger Brother Marries: Mention a significant way you’ve watched the groom mature over the years, and make a lighthearted jest about how the groom has “finally won” your sibling rivalry.
  • Best Friend Marrying: Mention a nice attribute you recall from your early friendship, and discuss what makes the groom exceptional in your view.

Tip 5: Use a Template as a Model

If memorizing a screenplay seems daunting, consider utilizing a template as a guide. An outline can assist you in organizing your essential themes while still leaving room for improvisation.

Introduce yourself and your connection to the couple.

  • Thank the hosts or parents for their assistance with the wedding.
  • Say something flattering about your spouse and something amusing about the groom.
  • Share a brief, amusing tale about your connection with the groom that relates to the couple’s relationship.
  • End on a loving note by wishing the couple well.


Good morning, everyone! I’m honored to be here as (groom’s) best man, and let me state unequivocally that no flash photography is permitted. We don’t want to startle our reserved couple. If you look closely, you could notice that they are already feeling unhappy with all the attention. Oh, yes, the speech! Please accept my apologies for the interruption. Let’s get into the stories that make us laugh, weep, and congratulate this incredible pair…


Writing your best man speech does not have to be difficult. You can create a memorable and sincere speech using these ideas, examples, and guidelines. Keep it brief, strike the proper blend of levity and earnestness, and personalize it to represent your special relationship with the groom. Prepare meticulously for a speech that will be remembered for years to come.

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