Tips of registering for Wedding Gifts

Registering for wedding gifts is one of the first things couples should do after getting formally engaged. It’s an age old tradition, and while modern couples may feel a bit uncomfortable asking for specific gifts to celebrate their upcoming nuptials, the gift registry remains an important part of the preparations for any wedding. It’s important to remember that the wedding registry isn’t just about getting the gifts you want on your wedding day, it’s also about making gift giving easy for your friends and family. Finding the right gift for a wedding couple can be difficult, and registering for your wedding gifts makes gift giving easy for friends, family and wedding guests. Here are a few helpful tips to make registering for your wedding gifts easy, productive, and most importantly – fun.

Register Early

Couples should register for their wedding gifts as early as possible, and it should be one of the first things they do together after they formally announce their engagement. Remember, the gift registry isn’t just for the wedding, and many of your friends and family members will rely on your gift registry to select appropriate gifts for wedding showers, hen nights, and bachelor parties. By registering early, you will also give out of town relatives plenty of time to choose, and ship, your wedding gifts.

Register Together

Registering for wedding gifts is something you should both do together. While the wedding registry was once the exclusive job of the bride, times have changed. Today, couples typically register for their wedding gifts together, and their choices reflect both of their interests.

Register with More than One Shop or Vendor

Traditionally, the wedding registry was meant to ensure that newlywed couples would receive all of the essentials for setting up house together. This would include china, dinner services, and other household items. Again, times have changed and wedding gifts run the gamut from traditional household items to electronics and hobbyist items. Couples should register at a few different shops to allow for a greater breadth of gift choices for their friends and family. It is no longer necessary to limit your registry to kitchen appliances and dinnerware. Let your shared interests be your guide.

Cover a Full Range of Price Points

When selecting items for your gift registry, try to cover a full range of price points. While wedding gifts are typically extravagant, not all of your guests will have the financial resources to spend on large items. Make sure your gift registry includes items across a wide range of price points, say $25 up to $250. This allows all of your guests, regardless of their finances, to find a suitable gift without breaking the bank.

Register Online

Whenever possible, choose shops or companies that offer online gift registries. This makes it easier for people to shop for your wedding gifts, and makes it especially convenient for friends and family who may be out of town. Loved ones who may not be able to attend the wedding in person, can shop for a wedding gift online and have it shipped directly to you with a minimum of fuss. An online registry also makes it easy for you to update your gift registry, making any changes that may be necessary and allowing your friends to see what has already be purchased.

Choose Shops that Offer Gift Cards

Even with a detailed gift registry it can be difficult to decide just what to give the happy couple. When registering for your wedding gifts, include one or two shops that offer gift card options. This makes it easy for friends and family who can’t decide on an appropriate gift.

Thank-You Notes

Good wedding etiquette dictates that couples should promptly send out thank-you notes for all of the wedding gifts they receive. Thank-you cards for gifts received prior to the wedding ceremony should be sent within two weeks of receiving the gift. Thank-you notes for gifts received on the wedding date should be sent within a month of the ceremony, after you return from the honeymoon. Your thank-you notes should be personalized, and you should make it a point to mention the gift by name in your card or letter.

The gift registry is an important part of every wedding. It not only ensures that newlyweds receive the items they need to begin building a home together, it makes it easy for friends and relatives to find the perfect gift for the happy couple. Registering for wedding gifts can be fun. The secret is to start early, and let your passions and interests inform your choices.

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