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5 Of Our Favorite Bridal Shower Gifts

What is the best etiquette for choosing a gift for the bridal shower? Should you choose a gift for the bride, or something that the couple can both use? Should you pick something from the couple’s registry, or should you choose a gift that is a bit more personal and shows how well you really know the bride? We say: go with your gut. If you’re totally stumped on what to buy, you can easily choose something off the registry and ensure the couple will love your gift. If you have found something that is just SO HER, go for

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A New Trend in Showers: The Co-Ed Baby Shower!

While years ago, baby showers tended to be strictly for the mom-to-be, her friends and family, many husbands really do like going to a co-ed baby shower with their wives! A baby shower is the time to have fun with friends and celebrate the new little baby, and we believe no one should be excluded! When inviting men to a baby shower, you will need to switch things up a bit. For most men, the idea of sitting around listening to women talking about ALL the details of their labor just isn’t that fun. Men also tend to tune out

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18 Must Have Pictures to Remember Your Wedding Day

Months of planning lead up to one special day, but your wedding day is over before you know it. Remembering every detail is impossible, which is what makes wedding pictures so important. These small glimpses of the day allow you to look back on the beauty of every moment. In the midst of wedding planning it’s hard to imagine the wedding will ever come, but soon vows, flowers, cake, and dancing will fade into memory. Plan to capture the special moments of your wedding by working with your wedding photographer to create a must-have shot list. Letting them take the

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Trendy Fall Wedding Ideas We Can’t Resist for 2017

Are you a bride to be planning a fall wedding? We think you are going to adore this year’s fall trends for 2017, because we sure do! The trends this year are all about enjoying nature, whether it’s outdoors or bringing nature indoors – with a modern, romantic spin! Think thick evergreen garlands, beautiful natural wood decorations with extravagant flower arrangements, touches of metallic decor, and fun cocktail style food. This season is definitely putting budgets to the test with the luxurious modern elements tastefully paired with elements of nature. We’re adoring the down to earth, romantic trends mixed with

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Involving Family & Loved Ones in Your Wedding Ceremony

Planning your wedding involves making many decisions, some simple and some not so simple. While setting up your budget and picking out your wedding dress come first on the list of to-do’s, deciding on who will be involved in your wedding ceremony still makes it onto the list. Your wedding day is a special celebration not only of your love as a couple, but as two families coming together as one. You want your ceremony to be the special vision you have always had – without leaving out anyone important. You don’t have to stick to tradition when deciding on

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4 Checklist Tips for Holiday Catering & Special Occasions

If you are planning a special occasion, we know how stressful it can be with the many items to check off of your list. Whether you are planning a special holiday dinner, a birthday celebration or even a small wedding, catering would have to be one of the items at the very top of your checklist! The food at any event is something that is of utmost importance. It’s one of the things that your guests look most forward to and is the thing they will more than likely remember after your event. Take the pressure off of yourself by

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