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How To Plan a High School Graduation Party

Posted by Jodi Curry on

Time FLIES, doesn’t it? It seems like just yesterday we were taking first day of kindergarten photos and suddenly we have a graduate! It’s an exciting time full of fond memories of the past mixed with (a bit of anxiety!) excitement for your child’s future. No doubt your graduate will want to be a part of the party planning and this will be an event where you can share in making memories together as they embark on this new stage of life.

There are a few items you will want to decide right away. Since many other parents and family are also planning graduation parties at the same time, you will want to speak with other classmates and parents before you decide on a date. While you don’t want to compete with other parties, you might want to plan for more of an open house party, where your graduates’ classmates can move between multiple parties on the same day.

Deciding on a guest list will help you with where to hold the party. Will this party be just for family members? Will you make it open to the neighborhood? Will classmates be included in this event?

The next choice you need to make is where to hold your party. While you might be tempted to hold it outside, we know how fickle Chicago weather can be in the spring! If you have chosen somewhere other than your home for the party, you will want to reserve your location. Many venues (enter The Belvedere!) can offer you catering in-house if you choose to hold your event with them and can also offer you off-premise catering in your home.

Once the logistics are out of the way, you can start planning some of the more “fun” stuff! The theme of your party will help you with additional elements of the event. While the overarching theme will be graduation, you will want to think of how formal you’d like your event to be. You can ask guests to come dressed in formal attire, or you might want to host a flip-flop party. You can also plan your theme around the location of the college your graduate will be going to, or their future field of study.

If you’re using a caterer, now is the time for your first initial meeting. Your menu should match the theme of your party. Keep in mind what your graduates favorite foods are, so you can ensure those are included in the menu.

Balloons and flowers are staples for party decorations. You can incorporate school colors into these items, and also will probably want to include graduation caps and diplomas as part of your decorations. Old photos are always a fun addition as well.

For some graduation parties, you might want to hire a band or DJ to keep the crowd entertained. Grads always love being able to create playlists to dance to! Your theme might also help give you ideas for entertainment.

We hope that this will help you as you begin to plan your upcoming graduation party, and we’re currently offering a great deal to host your event with us, either at The Belvedere or in hour own home!

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