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Making The Most of Your Wedding Website

Posted by Jodi Curry on

While weddings have mainly stayed the same in terms of format, wedding websites have recently begun to gain popularity. Wedding websites, or “wedsites” are great for keeping all your information in one place – they are easy to update and fun for both you as a couple and your guests!

You can build your own site, but most popular wedding websites even offer great templates that allow you to simply fill in your own information and customize the site to reflect you as a couple.

The most important information to start with (and the question you will get asked the most!) is “When are you getting married?!” Where you are getting married and what date you have chosen will help your guests begin to plan and is especially helpful for those coming in from out of town.

The next most important piece, and the next question you will most likely get asked the most is “How did he propose?!” This is your space to fill in all the fun details of how your proposal happened. You might even have some fun pictures of the moment to include!

For the guests coming in from out of town, you might have information on hotel blocks for them that you can add to your wedding website. Some hotels will even offer your guests a promo code to use when booking.

Another FUN part of your wedding website is your registries! This is a great place to house the registries, but we know that just having your close friends and family with you on this day is the best gift you can receive!

Don’t forget to also include your unique wedding hashtag on your site. These are fun to come up with and a great way for all your guests to “meet” before the event as they connect online via this hashtag.

Your wedsite will also want to have fun photos for you to keep as memories and to excite your guests as the event draws near. Share any shots that show who you are as a couple – these don’t all need to be professional photos. Sometimes the most fun photos are the candid ones!

As your date gets closer, you might want to consider a timeline of the weekend for your guests. Keep in mind that the pieces you add here should be the ones that everyone can attend, you might want to leave off the rehearsals so no one’s feelings get hurt.

Not mandatory, but we like to recommend adding a place for your guests to RSVP for your wedding right on the site. While some people might not use sites for this, and prefer a paper invite, it’s always nice to have options.

Have you made a wedding website, or have you found a certain template you LOVE? Share it with us here in the comments!

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