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Our Keys to a Successful Corporate Event

Posted by Jodi Curry on

Whether you are an established business or a newly formed local small business, you know that the more active you are in your industry, the better your chance for success. While social media is great for real time interactions with current and potential consumers, hosting a corporate event is the best way to deepen those relationships and allow people to see who “you” really are.

As great as we believe social media is, and although we always stress the importance of engaging with people over a variety of social media channels, nothing takes the place of the intimacy of meeting people face to face.

Here are some items we consider while helping you plan an unforgettable event.

Choosing the Right Location

Location is key. Whether we host your event in-house, or if we work with another venue, you want attendees to feel that the time it takes for them to get to the event is worth it. Convenience is key…as is ample parking! You also want to choose a location that reflects who you are as a company.

Depending on where the event will take place, you will want your event planning team to utilize their local vendor contacts to not only support the community but that will ensure more people in your businesses’ area are aware of your work.

Know Your “Why”

Why are you even having an event? What do you want your target audience to learn or know, that this event will help them with?

A great way to let people know what your business stands for, and begin to establish you as a local industry expert might be through a variety of speakers, breakout sessions, roundtables or panels.

We always want to ensure that guests are not only learning valuable information, but that they are getting that information in a memorable and entertaining way. Even better when we are able to give them an experience they haven’t yet had, or cannot get anywhere else.

Additionally, don’t skimp on food or beverages. You want to treat your audience like the valuable consumers that they are and build connections with them through respect and consideration.

This can include everything from utilizing our A/V equipment for live music during lunch, a carefully curated menu, ice breaker games, even the décor of the event. We like to rely on people’s five senses to create an experience from the second they walk through our doors.

Don’t Forget Promotion

Social media makes it easier than ever to help let people know about your upcoming event. Working with us, we also have relationships with key media in a wide variety of areas that will help get the word out about your date and what people can expect.

We will typically begin by crafting an enticing email to send to your company database, placing ads on social media and helping your internal team with content they can also go out with when visiting clients in person and online.

Finally, depending on the “why” of the event, it might make sense to partner with media sponsors or agencies to help publicize your event, in return for working with them.

Spring is a great time for kick-off meetings and events – give us a call and let’s discuss your ideas!


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