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How Do You Choose The Music For Your Wedding Ceremony?

Posted by Jodi Curry on

Amidst all the planning for your wedding, you will need to think about your ceremony music. But how
do you choose what to have played? Keep in mind what music does – it evokes emotions, brings up
memories and feelings for those that hear it and conveys a message to your guests. Music has an
important job at your ceremony, so you want to ensure the songs you pick are the right fit!

A great place to start is thinking about WHEN the music will be played. There will be music playing
during your processional, your groom’s processional, and the recessional. Depending on where you hold
your wedding, there may be restrictions on what music is allowed to be played. For example, sometimes
religious locations will have their own list of approved music for you to choose from, while banquet halls
and non-traditional locations might allow a wider range.

Your wedding is all about you and your groom as a couple, so think about what music means something
to the two of you. Do you both think of each other each time a certain song comes on? Did you get
engaged while a song was playing that you want to share with your guests? Maybe you even met at a
concert by a performer you both love! Thinking about the meaning that certain songs hold for you both
will help guide you towards the perfect wedding songs.

One fun idea might be to choose the music in private, both you and your partner could select songs for
your processional and not tell the other, not sharing them until you’re walking down the aisle.
Your recessional song should be one that’s guaranteed to get the party started! This song choice you can
have a bit more fun with. You’ve just become husband and wife and it’s time to party! Pick a song that
will get your guests even more excited to celebrate you as a newly married couple.

Let’s put together a wedding ceremony playlist – share your favorite songs for the wedding ceremony in
the comments!

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